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Opinion? - Bell Revolver Modular Helmet

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Lolat440, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion about the Bell Revolver Modular Helmet? It is in my price range and I think I like the idea of flipping it open when fueling up or whatever. I have heard the modular helmets are loud due to wind noise. Does anyone have an opinion about the Bell model?

  2. I have the one that was superceded by the Revolver EVO which is currently for sale in the $200.00 range. The Revolver was on sale for less than $100.00 the last time I noticed, about what I paid for mine last December.

    Nosier than a full face, shield has been no problem. Can be opened slightly for defogging or all the way. Built in sun shade is not vary dark, more of a Light Smoke. My head shape fits most helmets, ymmv. The magnetic catch that holds the chin strap when fastened fell out after about three months. Tried several glues and finally just hand stitched around it to make sure it didn't fall out again. I was lucky, the magnet stuck to the buckle. I've had to re-glue a couple of the rubber trim pieces around the bottom. Flip up portion feels solid, metal-to-metal locking. View of the instruments on my FJR is cut off unless I tip my head forward and take my eyes off the road.

    I don't think the helmet is up to the standards that Bell had years ago when Bell was all would wear. I don't think there were too many other brands available in the late 60's and early 70's though.

  3. I own the bell revolver as well, though don't use it anymore. It is cheap and the hi-viz is nice. I bought the Nolan N104 when that came out so that's my usual helmet now.

    The main thing I don't like on the revolver is it vents tons of air. There's no chin curtain so tons of air comes through it. That makes it noisy, though I never ride without some kind of ear protection anyway so it didn't affect me noticeably. It also makes it cold when you're riding in cold weather, and that is why I bought the Nolan.

    The best thing I like on the Revolver is you can put the Bell photochromatic shield on. Awesome. Of course, if you're shopping for it due to low price the photochromatic shield is probably too expensive. I think it was around $119 when I bought it - just the shield.

    Comparing the Bell Revolver and Nolan N104 the small things I'd say: The vents on the Bell Revolver don't seem to do much of anything. That is to say, it flows so much air when the vents are closed that opening the vents doesn't make a noticeable difference. You're going to get lots of air anyway. It doesn't have a pinlock shield available. You can put a fog city insert on - there isn't much clearance between the shield and the rubber strip on the top of the visor though so it'll probably rub against it and you get little scratches on the fog city insert over time from raising the shield. This is true whether you raise just the shield or if you raise the whole front of the helmet. Of course, since it flows a lot of air fog really isn't an issue unless you're stopped and you could just open the visor when stopped a bit. The drop down sun shade isn't very dark. I found it worked pretty well combined with the photochromatic shield but as a stand-alone I don't think it's dark enough for bright sunny days.

    Oh, and the chin strap magnet came off on mine as well. I stuck it back with 99 cent Harbor Freight epoxy (it's what I had) and clamped it between a couple of soda pop caps. It seems to have held up well - it was epoxied for longer than it was attached with the original glue. Apparently a common issue with the revolver.
  4. I believe it is a bit noisier than my other flip ups. The sun shade is not dark enough to be useful. The flip up release works better than on my other 2 helmets and the price makes it a winner.
  5. Thanks for the very thorough responses! I haven’t ridden since 1978 and I am trying to gather gear together to be prepared to make a full season in 2013. I am taking the Evergreen Safety Council class in a few to get endorsed and hopefully take the 2 Fast class next spring. Still trying to decide on an SV650 or a Ninja 250R. I plan to make that purchase in a few months.

    Thanks again!
  6. 2Fast allow modulars? I know racing organizations don't, double check the track day organizer.

    The first generation Revolver and it's Bilt-branded twin are cheap, drafty, leaky, and noisy. I wouldn't own one as an only helmet, but I might own one as a second helmet for short hops around town- if they fit me, which they don't. The newer ones might be better, dunno; wound up with a Shoei because that was what fit.
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