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Opinions on shutting down roads for your group

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by blueline15, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. So today I was heading across the only bridge in town, and going the other way was a group of motorcycles about 40-60 I'd guess.

    They were shutting roads that merged with their ride. No police escort, just parking bikes across lanes for the duration of their group. Traffic was starting to back up into other lanes behind it.

    They were exiting right of the bridge, and there is a second lane that goes under the bridge and merges with that lane to form a 2 lane road for a while. They shut down that lane.

    On the other side of the bridge they had shut down the other lanes that feed into the bridge.

    I thought it was a pretty douchetastic move to do at 2 pm on a Saturday. Hard to tell how many bikes, but there was a lot of them, they weren't in a hurry, and they weren't very tightly grouped either.

    Probably not great PR for motorcycles, shutting down the only bridge in town. If their ride was important, they should have got a police escort through town IMO.

    Curious as to others thoughts to this kind of thing. I know there has been large group rides on the forum. I haven't been involved with one.
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  2. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I do it all the time for my boys so we have a safe place to practice our slow speed wheelies.

  3. If it was a harley group... make sure you're packing and just proceed on your way.

    If it was a sportbike group... just watch and enjoy as it does not happen very often.
  4. Lulz..well if your going to be doing wheelies on the road, then blocking it off is the safest. But these guys weren't the wheeling type.
  5. Did it ruin your day? Does your butt hurt now? If not, who cares?
  6. Sweet if you are on a bike (nothing worst than a car trying to get between bikes on even a small group)

    Not cool if you are sat waiting in a car/truck.

    Its all relative. Just the same as slow drivers are assholes and fast drivers are maniacs. But really when you think about it do ya really want to drive in a pack of bikes? It isn't that common to see such a large group just see and enjoy the parade. No different than a slow moving wide load with some interesting shit on the back.
  7. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Because it's a pretty fucking selfish way to live your life.
    Additionally, OP was actually ASKING if people thought it was douchey. He didn't sound butt hurt nor did he even offer much of an opinion on it. You on the other hand sound pretty butt hurt about him bringing it up.
    I love people that bring out the "did it really inconvenience you that much" argument because I would bet thousands of dollars these are the same people that throw a conniption when someone cuts them off in traffic or cuts in front of them in line at a store or a concert. But blocking a road that hundreds of people use it totally legit. :roll:

    PS, I have high hopes for this thread.
  8. Andy I think you probably hit the nail on the head here.

    Knowing how laid back the local PD is here, I'm sure they could have got a police escort through town, which would have made them appear less then self rightness assholes. They escort ATV and UTV groups through town and across the bridge all the time.

    Not sure how long they had the roads blocked. I'd guess 5-10 minutes by the backed up traffic.

    What I felt bad for was that they had the northbound side of the bridge shut down, and the nearest hospital for a few hours is just north of the bridge. So for the 7-10,000 residents that live immediately south of the bridge, if one was headed to the hospital with a pregnant wife or something, that wait would feel like a lifetime.
  9. Making an emergent trip to hospital in anything other than an Ambulance/Medic unit always carrys with it a risk of unforeseen delays. not always the best choice.

    Perhaps, ironically, it is usually selfish in attentive drivers who make poor choices are the ones who hold up medic units. The very same people that the riders were seeking to protect themselves from by staying in a pack.

    I dare say better logicistically planning and splitting the group into smaller numbers during different legs of the ride would have been more diplomatic. That said the goal may have been post-event publicity. Charity ride for a childrens hospice???
  10. Again, is it a fat harley chick riding on the back. Or a good looking sportbike chick piloting her own machine? (I know that is redundant). Makes all the difference, don't ya think :mrgreen:
  11. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


    While I appreciate it when riding in a large group, it bothers me nonetheless: what gives the bike group any more right to the road than other traffic?

  12. Works out fine unless someone runs you over.

    Definitely very inconsiderate and illegal though.
  13. +1 This.
  14. I do it when ever I ride with one, or a hundred fellow bikers.
  15. I find it amusing to see some people complain about this. What if it were a procession you just didn't know about?

    Case in point, last years run to Jason's funeral, we did this. To be honest, I couldn't care less how we looked to anyone. It was much safer and more organized. The police didn't have anyone to escort.

    This reminds me... We have a memorial ride which was postponed last year til better weather.
  16. Oh, and btw....police escort is harder to get than you think.....

    I know someone that organized a very large group ride, was told no escort, then asked if they would block intersections to the freeway, just a few blocks, (RMC to 167) for the safety of the riders, and to keep the group together, was told no.
  17. Not so much complaining; just seeing what the opinions were around this. I don't know their reason for the ride. Maybe a charity ride, maybe a memorial ride, maybe just for fun.

    There are 130 miles of beautiful lake superior shoreline roads with very few cars or people. It looks that is the way they were headed.

    I think it could have been handled better in town. As Andy suggested, they could have split into groups of 5-10 paced out before town and the bridge, and regrouped after crossing the bridge.

    Also, having the police shut down the roads for their group sends a different message, even though the end result would have been the same.

    That's in a very large area. This is a very small area overall; that attracts summer tourism of groups for the local roads and trails. With proper lead time, the police will escort groups of atvs through town and across the bridge without question. I've seen the thing for car groups.

    Tourism is a big summer industry; so the police tend to be very accommodating to groups and clubs that come visit. I think it would be far less of an issue here.
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  18. I actually did this today. We had a charity ride of 100+ riders for a children's hospice. We shut down intersections for as short a period of time as possible, but for the sake of safety, it has to be done. The last thing we want is a car in the middle of the group riding someone's ass and making them nervous, or going so slowly that the group gets split.

    Is it a dick move? Probably. Is it done for safety? Yes.
  19. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    Circumstances are a big thing. I once did a Patriot Guard ride that we couldn't get police escort for, so we did our own road guard thing.
  20. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    I rode in a large group once that blocked the four way stops to let us go through as a group, without getting a car in-between every two bikes. It did make sense, and it really didn't take us that long to get through. Nonetheless, it did make me feel a tad uncomfortable.

    I generally don't ride in large groups anymore for various reasons. 2-6 riders is ideal for me. :)
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