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Opinions wanted! (oh noes) Dirt

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by cobra525, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Want to start the fam getting dirty. I need EVERYTHING. I have my own thoughts on what to start on but would like to hear what the collective have to say about the topic.
    Me, obviously I know how to ride. Obviously there will be a new learning curve in the dirt
    Wife, she rides also and is not new, but not as aggressive as some either. She thinks this will be fun (she is the girliest of girsl)
    Son, 14 YO, can ride a bicyclecrackup:

  2. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    all dirt? any idea what direction you wanna go with on bikes? Something tame like a TW200 fot the wife? maybe a ttr225 for the boy and a ruckus for you? any MX riding planned or just trails?

  3. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    +1 for another vague post. :tard:

    Yes all dirt, mainly trails. No MX for the wife, none planned for me and possibly the boy later if he really likes it i guess.

    TW200? never heard of.
    TRR225 pretty sure would be too big for the first bike
    Ruckus, so I can touch the ground?

    Ok so as far as bikes go this is what I was thinking

    Me nothing bigger than 250
    Wife 125-150 she like the e-start of the Yam/Honda
    Boy crf100 and then the wifes when shes not looking?
  4. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member



    the ttr250 is fairly tame, would be awesome for you or your son.
  5. Well Rob it looks like you have the right idea for bikes for everyone, yet I think you should really go with the Ruckas. As you said vertically being challenge it should fit you well. Oh and try and stay off the neighbors yard will ya.
  6. Dude, awesome to hear! :mrgreen:

    I'd say a TTR-125 LE (LE means big wheel) as opposed to little wheels for June to start on.

    You - Maybe a CRF230 honestly. They are very fun bikes with a much lower seat height than the typical modern 250's. I had one several years ago and enjoyed the hell out of it. As you know now, just stepped it up to a 250x but damn the thing is tall!

    I'm searching for a 125LE for Jolene now too. Maybe for a Xmas present to her :secret:

    Oh yea, whatever you get, make sure they all have the magic button (E-start)!!!!!
  7. oh yea again, check this site out:

    Pretty much hunts down CL adds based on the bike you are looking for and regions. Easier than sifting through pages and pages of shit on CL directly.
  8. New or used?

    I'll second the TTR 250, or other non-dual sport XR250, DRZ250. The main benefit of the TTR is the e-start which will reduce the frustration for your family being new to offroad. The XR can be tough for a novice to start after it has been flopped.

    The CFR100, is or will be too small for a fourteen year old. It seems like if fits him by street bike standards, but it would only be suitable for a short period, or the first weekend at the riding area, where meets other 14yos with 125 racers. I sold these for years. Of course if one shows up used on CL you could train him on it and then sell it before christmas and probably not lose a penny.

    Dont rule out a trials bike for a nice addition to you stable. They are a hoot around the yard and not too noisy for your 'hood. I've had all sorts folks ride the wheels of mine. A few blocks and boards and a first gear challenge makes a BBQ into a all day competition.
  9. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Never gonna let me live that down are you?:mrgreen:

    Thanks for the link again Steve. I'll prolly be slumming it in one way or another until June's Gix sells

    well the smart money would be on used, but no one ever accused me of that. For ease one or more may end up new.
  10. Wife = TTR 250 or Crf230 (e start and plate-able)

    Boy= CRF150. Until he catches on. Then maybe upgrade or steal mom /dads?

    You= CRF 250x also e start capable (not sure if all models have it) Tasky's in Everett is selling a lowered one (lowered internally no lowering link), they are tall my dad is having his lowered too. I really think the 250x is one of the best all around bikes for learning on NW trails. If you wanna go nuts, I got a chance to try the new Husquavarna TE310r last week and it was awesome! When Junior starts stealing your bike this could be what you trade his bike in for.. Or the wr300 2stroke when you are owning the trails

    Cool to see you interested in dirt, it's fun!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2012
  11. this ^^^^^
  12. When starting out, i think its at least as important where you ride as opposed to what you ride, maybe more important. Something as dull and boring as a football field, with no actual trail to have to stay on. It wont have to last long, but the wife wont hate the relaxed ride. Being able to touch the ground means the bike is probably too small for you or her or the boy. Getting familiar with the bike in an open area will remove the stress of learning. It sounds like the wife already knows how to use a clutch and brake, so maybe my input is kind of pointless. The boy will run into the truck. Boys are not smart.
  13. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Thanks for the input every one. It seems I was close. I still think the recomendations for the wi and kid may be a little big. Will they really grow into them that fast?

    Fred, Locale was next on my list, thanks for touching on it. Yes the wife will do just fine with the operation of the bike, now we just add bumps :) and yes boys are not smart, afterall he is mine. (allegedly)
  14. They will grow into them, and then out of them that fast. Especially your wife since she has bike experience.
  15. Dirt bikes tend to be pretty tall.
    Get some milk crates to help you get on and off.
  16. For a new rider it is better to have too small a bike than too big. Seat height is a big factor for new riders.
    I'd suggest getting several similar bikes of various sizes. As skills grow, each of you can try a bigger bike.
    The Japanese bikes really hold their value well, and the older ones are known to run forever (almost)
    I started out with these for me and my kids,
    PW80 for the youngest,
    TTR125L for the 12 yo (the LE has elec start)
    XR200 for me (these are great starter bikes)

    6 months later I added an XR250 for me, and the kids moved up one bike, and later I moved up to a CR250 which I dont allow beginners to ride..
  17. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member


    This looks like the perfect starter set to me. I'll betcha the kid grows out of the 150 in less than a year, but it would still be smart to start him on the smaller machine.
  18. Does a man doing 1:27's at pacific really need to lower his dirtbike?...

    Or was that a fluke?
  19. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Not sure exactly where those comments were directed brotha, Maybe the wife/kid. I have been dealing with being a midget all my life, I think my bike will be fine in stock form.....
  20. Just meant that despite your stature, you're a big boy and don't need your bike lowered. You figured out an 1198 quickly enough, you'll figure out a stock crf250x even faster.
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