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OPNAV instruction change for civilians riding on bases

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by subeng, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Did some searching but couldn't find anything in particular.

    So a week or so ago at work (PSNS) they put out that the OPNAV instruction revision that was signed recently no longer requires civilians to take a motorcycle safety course to get a sticker and ride on base. This also put out that they will no longer pay your wages for the day to take the course.

    So it had been that you had to take a course every three years and they only gave you a decal up to the month/year 3 years from the date on your MSF card. They also would give you admin leave or something similar if you were taking a course in the normal Monday thru Friday work week.

    Evidently your local region CO could still require the course for civilian riders but we haven't heard anything yet that contradicts the new OPNAV instruction.

    Any other info out there contradicting the instruction?
  2. Naval Base Coronado (NBC) Gate Guards and Rent-A-Cop's seem to make shit up as they go. I've been told that it's absolutely written in stone that you have to be wearing steel toe boots (Sturdy, over the ankle footwear is what the instruction says) to get on base and was denied entry. From that point forward I carry NBC instructions as well as the OPNAV instructions in that little right pocket of my orange vest. Welcome to the "not needing the course" party! As a contractor I've been fortunate enough not to need it for a while now.

  3. I work at NASWI (Whidbey) as a civilian for Chugach (boss contract); Last year around May or June they started using a system called "RapidGate" which consists of an ID card they scan with a big handheld scanner. This eliminated the requirement of stickers on your car or motorcycle, and therefore the requirement for proof of MSF course completion. I haven't heard of any changes for my base.
  4. RapidGate, to my understanding is basically a CAC for contractors who don't require NMCI. I got lucky and my company also gave me the option of the RapidGate, so I show that one to get on base because if I showed my CAC they'd require stickers. Stupid.
  5. Yep, hard soled over the ankle footwear. Steel toed boots would suck ass on my supemoto.

    I really don't mind most of the requirements, I pretty much always ride now with my MX boots, TLD leather speed pants and amored padded jacket. I have the OPNAV appoved Icon vest and just recently bought a used Icon OPNAV approved backpack. The more reflective crap the better around here in the state of washington, the drivers here suck bad, worse than anywhere else I've lived.

    The every 3 year requirement really bugged me, especially when the advanced rider class has not changed at all in the last 4 times I've taken it.

    I was hoping they would come up with a hooligan course, you know, the proper way to ride stairs, jumping off of curbs and loading ramps, riding wheelies to entertain the kids in the car in the lane next to you, but no such luck.
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  6. Im a Newb to this particular forum. Found it by doing a search for info regarding riding on Base. Have a question: Anybody know what the rules are governing civilians who are merely visiting NAS Whidbey? My son is stationed there, and we frequently stay at the Navy Lodge when we visit. That side of the base used to be open but over the last several months they have manned all the gates on the Seaplane Base side. Any restrictions regarding my wife and I just getting access to the Navy Lodge on our bikes?
  7. I asked at Bangor a couple of weeks ago and was told I had to carry an MSF card every time I was on base. Now if I could only find my MSF card from 2007. It sure would be nice if you could actually find the Navy Region Northwest instructions and carry them with you. It seems like every pass and ID office will tell you something different.
  8. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I have a copy of the instruction on my computer at work. I'm going to be looking into the actual implementation of the revised instruction Friday or next week.

    As soon as I have some hard information I will post it up, along with my sources.

    Ride4zen, any intel?
  9. I'd have your son ask his command what they recommend, there is likely a list you can be put on to be given access to the seaplane base. Show some ID (with endorsement) and you're all set. I doubt they'll really hassle you as civilians visiting in this manner. Might need to produce proof of reservations at the lodge. Not sure why they started manning those gates, but I heard it was to restrict fishing access for whatever reasons. Good luck!
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  10. Naval Safety Center should have all the info you need.
  11. So I renewed my shipyard badge last week at the pass & ID inside the CIA and I asked Kathy (yes the infamous Kathy, love her to death, we have an understanding, she gives me crap, I give her crap back, and I get a smile out of her) about the MSF requirement and she did say that it no longer applies to civilians, AWESOME!!! Although, I will not throw away my MSF card anytime soon.

    Bangor should be the same.
  12. I did just that (actually my wife did). Thanks for the replies. Sounds like there's no restrictions. He has to get us on Base, then Navy Lodge issues us a pass stating we are staying there. We've done this before in the car, but wasnt sure about riding the scoots on Base since they closed the Seaplane base.
    Spent my 4 years in '82-'86. Navy has some strange rules that don't always make sense. Better to get it from the horses mouth.
  13. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I just got out of a meeting with the IMF XO and the IMF Executive Director, and here is the skinny, as per Region and PSNS & IMF:

    No MSF card requirement for civilian access.

    Any civilian on confirmed status for class at Keyport has been moved to standby, and military on standby are being confirmed for class seats.

    Civilians will have to take leave to attend a class during working hours as the training is no longer required for base acces credentials.
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