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Oregon hwy 245

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by McRider, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if Eastern Oregon hwy 245 the "Oregon Dragon" is open and free of snow?
  2. If you don't get reply you should ID towns at each end ... some peeps don't know the road #'s

  3. AKA Dooley Mtn. rd. I'm sure it's open by now. It only hits about 5k ft. elevation. Have fun!
  4. (AKA ODOT) shows it but says nothing which usually means they are fine.
  5. Thanks, everybody. I'll give it a try day after tomorrow.
  6. Post up the road conditions when you get back! I'm planning to be over there next week and wanted to do this road as part of my route.
  7. 395, 20, 39, 245, 51, 52 are all clear and mostly clean. We were just there last week.
  8. Awesome - thanks! :)