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outdoor MX national predictions?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crfracer96, May 18, 2012.

  1. starts tomorrow~!

    will stewart continue to crash?
    will dungey be the man?

    someone else? Will Alessi be there? Wildcard like Rattray? Remember, RV, CR, KDUB, TC are all out for season.

    how bout the lites?

    Roczen or Musquin?

    Other wildcard?
  2. I will go like this


    Alessi (stewart will crash on minute 19)


    Barcia or Tomac

  3. dungey will be another fast, slow guy and not an issue. reed will come of the hospital bed and win two races, giving him more points than anyone, taking the title.
  4. i like your 450.... i will put Brayton in over alessi/.

    i am not sure if wilson is healed up yet....

    barcia, tomac, roczen for me Pckt off the podium honda/ktm only....
  5. if people want to be taken seriously, they will need to ditch that odd-ball KTM.
  6. 450

    Stewart (or Short if JS crashes out)


  7. Ahhhhhhhhh :nana

    Don't forget people that Chris Blose will be on a Yamaha YZ 250 Smoker :mfclap:
  8. If only Blose was as fast as his Yamaha
  9. Good race, was hoping Metty could hang on for a podium....
  10. I missed the first 450 race :( but heard the results and daaaaamn.. the 250 race was EPIC i say EPIC....

    Now for Moto2's tonight @ 9:30 on NBCsports :)
  11. someone change the title to spoiler so I can gloat!!!!!!
  12. Ya, he should be as fast as JS on his...oh wait. :nana

    Serioulsy, did not expect to see those results. The last thing I thought would happen actually, shows what I know though.


    250 1st race was really good, hope the rest of the season is this good.

    Track is was so gnarly, just went to an easy one in comparison here locally for the first time. Makes me appreciate these guys a whole lot more, I couldn't go around that one time without falling on my face at half the pace these guys have. Forget about even trying to go as many laps either.
  13. I read part of the brotocross article. How is "The Dungey" not considered a top 2nd tier riders?! I'm dead serious, too. He's shown signs of riding brilliance, but he can't hardly pass anyone. Always happy to run the pace of slower riders when behind them and it always has an outcome on his results. With the top 4 guys out, he's still a (solid) 2nd placer. He is where the article put Brayton. Now he is on a top 2nd tier bike to boot.

    His is a very nice kid, though.
  14. I totally lost track of Bagget, he was way off my radar, forgot his push at the half way moto point. As i recall he fell flat at the half season point though. possibly everyone else rode into better shape. Still say the lites is the class to watch this outdoor season with all the 450 injuries, adding ratray and wilson (250) to the DL. Hard to predict this class there are 5 that could easily take title.

    Dungey is always there, and yes has his moments. If he is gonna have any chance, he needs to push stewart and stay in his head. the surprise was brayton nowhere to be found, either he will be totally deflated because he was in it every week in sx or he will rebound, but 1 more race not competitive and i think he will be cooked. Alessi is alessi, good start and get in everyones way the first half of the race. Looks like Suzuki has the power team this season, if dungey has a hickup, they could sweep with stewart, metcalf on factory and alessi on support team. Short will race with alessi for place.
    think milsaps has to step up early or his head will take him out too....

    SUCKY outdoor season with the real players all hurt. :popcorn: may not even go to washougal to watch@
  15. all i got to say is last time james stewart did outdoors he won EVERY MOTO. as long as he stays off the ground i think he will repeat that same feat.
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