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Oxford HotGrips

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by NoChickenStrips, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. So far so good. The diameter of these grips are slightly bigger than stock, which lets you grip the handlebar better for more heat. I find the bigger grips to be more comfy too, YMMV. These grips were easy to install (remove old grips, run wiring under fuel tank to battery, glue on new grips.)
    So far it hasn't been too cold, only about 55 degrees in the mornings but it has been letting me use my summer weight gloves.
    Four power settings, 100%, 75%, 40%, and 30%.
    At 100%, it is HOT; I only use this setting to start the grips going.
    At 75%, it is very warm; If you like toasty hands without the burning feeling at 100% this is perfect.
    40% is pretty much the setting I always use.
    30% is ok for weather warmer than 60 degrees.

    Easy up down adjust, if you just press the power button it will not turn the heaters off but go back down to 30%. YOu need to hold it for a few seconds for the heaters to turn off.

    I had to cut off part of the inside grip so the bar end won't hold the throttle open.

    Normally these grips are connected directly to the battery, and thus can be turned on or off even if the key is not in the ignition. It has a safety feature that turns the grips off when the battery reaches 11.5 volts so you still can start the bike if you accidentally leave it on. I went on to make a relayed fuse box for my electrical accessories so the grips turn off then the key is off.

    Even with the low output 365W output of my bikes alternator, the battery was perfectly fine even running at 100%.

    As it gets colder I may consider buying some hippo hands to keep the wind of my hands.
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