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oyster run meet up

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by torch monkey, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Ill be doin the oyster run up to anacortes this sunday if anyone is interested in meetin up in the am.
  2. 6am bfast at hawks prarie stands up at 7ish
    stop in tacoma to pick up some other friends.
    Try to make it to burlington for a 10am meet up with some more friends.
    Ride to anacortes with them.

  3. Hey i know i new to the fourm, however i would like to ride with you guys to the oyster run. I ride a 05 zx10r :roll:
  4. Were at in hawks prarie?
  5. Ive got a group meeting up at the shell station on 128th st. in everett just off of I5. Meet at 930 KSU at 10am.
  6. Wow! Was that your guys' meet up!?
  7. A lot of people.

    And it looks like somebody stole my blue Gixxer, too.
  8. Thats the whole sport bike group that roled into anacortes together. Only two from olympia.
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