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Pacific Raceways Mx park video and review..

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crxracer98328, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. with all the hype of this track especially with it being run by Lance Smail i thought it was going to be an epic track. the bonus of being a 20min drive made it even better. but to be honest it was a little disappointing. i am not a fast rider by any means but i thought this track was way to novice. only one section in the track i thought was sketchy and it was the rhythm section. it was also very rocky. ill prob go back mostly because of the location and hopefully they make ajustments.
  2. i agree CJ, track is short, small, tight, and very rocky. sat there for 2 hours today before getting on the track because they had one schedule posted at sign in and a complety different order at the entry point.. The old track in the same spot was longer, faster, and frankly better. For all the hype and delays from july, it was a big disapointment, hope they step up on this.....

  3. I didnt care much for the track layout. Mabey if some of the turns had larger burms it would help, but they are pretty much flat and dont help the track flow.
  4. For such a tame track sure seemed like it was kicking your ass still :stir:

    Typical soil for SIR / Pacific get used to it actually works good in the wetter weather we normally get here plus this is just a first generation design be glad it's open and stop being so unthankful about it. We almost didn't get it back! I didn't even get to ride it yet and it's a lot futher then 20 mins for me so stop whining :roll:

    They are aware of the rocks but they will never go away just how that place is and the track layout will get changed up. Unless you wanted some kind of supercross track with peaked out jumps only 1% can do? That wasn't thier intent for opening session just what they need a bunch of squid's carted away opening weekend.
  5. layout didnt kick my ass.85 degrees and no shade, braking/acceleration bumps and the holes on the take offs and landings did. plus i never claimed i was fast ive only been riding for a couple years. i was saying that from all the hype it was disappointing. and there are others on the forum that are a lot faster then me that will agree.
  6. Joe you totally missed the theme of this thread, was not a whining post but, just honest eval of "grand opener". NO TROLLING!!

    1)They delayed opening almost 2 months from initial post on PR web, giving time to "kick it up a notch".
    2)Same area as old track with a layout well over 1/3 shorter
    3)3rd gear MAX any point on track, and then its brief on gas
    4)Rocks have always been there, but with almost 2 months, you would think they would remove, at least the ones larger than a football from the edge of the track, like next to the rythm section, where some squid who gets whisky throttle wads and hits head on a football to basketball size rock and POOF there is no more track with some lame law suit over a kid dying. (remember thurston ORV? family of dead biker sued, lost that track for several years)

    Bottom line, if Lance gets it together it can be great. It is AWESOME to have a track back at PR that was always fun after work weekdays and eves. But honestly right now, its not worth 30 per session the way it exists and charging to watch practice?
  7. well put bruce
  8. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    It's been my experience (albiet limited) that when a track opens up they start it out mellow and then slowly ramp it up. It helps to keeps injuries down and slowly works people into how it's going to be. They try not to destroy everyone's bikes right away.
  9. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Give it time. Brand new track. They're still dozing it. They can't go down the hill anymore, too close to the river. I know the railroad tracks are closer to the river, but rules are rules.

    OP said "with all the hype, it was disappointing." What hype?

    And it's not "$30 per session." It's $30 for the first, $20 for each subsequent session that day.
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  10. the hype was a revamped track designed and run by the legendary lance smail. i did say i would go back if you caught that in the original post. i also never said i hated it. just slightly disappointed. as for grand openings of tracks, the only other one i went to cadillac ranch. and that track is epic.
  11. halfway glad im busted up and didnt go ride this hahah
  12. I didn't know you rode, I thought you just hung out at the track with those smokin hot girls with your shirt off. :thefinge:

    Sorry to hear about the broken leg bud, hope to see you back on a bike soon.
  13. Oh this is what i saw on Friday 8/10 trackday. confused the shit out of me everytime i came around turn 1 and i kept seeing dust around turn 2. I kept thinking someone bit it.
  14. EXACTLY! Those guys out in Rainier came ready to rock the house, the track was very well layed out, thought out, and not over the top or too crazy.

    As far as the "new track not wanting to hurt anyone and give it time to not hurt riders", the sketchy riders will ALWAYS be sketchy good, bad or ugly,and that has a way of sorting itself out, (yes by way of the local ER), if you build a kiddy track, eventually all you will get to show are the kiddies. My comments stand, no retraction, like CJ, a truely disapointing start hoping Lance steps up with a track layout design that IS as legendary as his name.

    Side note - Still waiting for the last event of the year Cadillac Ranch... if anyone hears something POST UP on the site.. (oh and it wasnt $30 + spectator $5 fees either!) WARD CREEK 9 Sept!! Set date plans now CJ/Steve/Gary!
  15. FireDave

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    Hype = Hyperbole, as in exaggerated claims.

    Your quote (below, in blue) is true. I wouldn't call that "with all the hype." You're adding "hype" though: Lance is/was a great rider. I'm not sure "legendary" fits. The Pacific Raceways release uses the word "veteran."

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  16. Wow, you're a walking dictionary/thesaurus. Congrats.

    As for the track, it looked like fun to me from the video. If it's childs play, own everybody on it and then go find something more challenging. That's how it works.
  17. i am leaving my review as is. and i think that everyone who ACTUALLY RODE this track and can compare to the others in the area will agree it is disappointing to spend $30 dollars on a subpar track.
  18. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Yes, despite your sarcasm, you are correct sir. Not to beat it up too much, but I get awfully tired of over-used adjectives, too many things, like the track critiques, being raised to an unnecessary level of hyperbole. Yes, that's the root word --- hype. While no real hype was done regarding the opening of the PR mx track . . . some critics seem more than willing to hype their negative and impatient views of a brand new track.

    Yes, If it was child's play . . . two adults wouldn't have been carted off on Friday. If it was child's play, I wouldn't have watched experienced rider after rider coming up short on what appears to be a relatively short and simple double. Maybe it's not so easy after all.

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