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parking lots

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by drzrider375, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. So i was pondering the thought and trying to think of an empty parking lot to goof around in. I know after costco closes the lights stay on for a while... anyother ideas?
  2. Any WALMART while they are open hehe :evil4:

  3. Astoria Ford, the way they treat their customers. They should have a empty lot by now.
  4. You have a sumo. Any lot, any time?
  5. The very last parking lot out on Clatsop Spit is nearly always empty. You have to go through Ft. Stevens and keep riding north. The road ends at the lot. I've taught my kids how to drive a car out there when they were each around 12-13.
  6. Hehe, I've put my 'laps' in at any and all of those lots (A-D) in the 80's back in my XL175/GPz550 days. There truly was very little traffic out there then. Ya, the last one (D) doesn't have any parking curbs in the center which makes it the nicest for using the whole lot. Just play on the south side of the lot which is out of view of the access road, then periodically ride nicely over to the north side to look down the road to...see if anyone is coming to join you:secret: They can be patrolled by Warrenton, county, and state patrol.
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  7. Hey dave good to see ya hangin out, parking lots are fun to tiddle about in for a warm up for a run to say jewel elk meadows or something! how are you guys? Ive been busy goin slow on my tw 200 YAMAHA breaking her in, what a fun little adventure bike, still spankin it on the fj ocasionally. Has it slowed down for ya yet john? I know ya cant do weekends much. Have a great day yall!
  8. Haven't done much street riding. In fact I've put more miles on instructing for PSSR at the track than miles on the street. Hey, after ya ride around Ridge Motorsport Park, ya kinda get really really spoiled carving a fast and safe ribbon of ashpalt with lots of elevation changes, blind rises, hairpins..... so putting on the gear for a street ride through pot holes, gravel, Johnny Law, ect loses it's luster.....except for you crazy old flat trackers!:mfclap: Still who knows, I could be convinced to roll the bike out again before winter8)
  9. I can ride every other weekend and sometimes all week long when I have one off. My problem this summer has been maintenance. I rode my R1 to Portland in the end of July to get the valves adjusted. When I picked it up, it didn't feel right, so I turned around and took it back. They fiddled with it and tried several different ideas before they decided it probably needed a fuel pump. I ordered one from a company on Ebay. They installed it, but the bike wouldn't start. I informed the company on Ebay, and they offered to send me another one to try. It didn't work either. I finally bought a used fuel pump from a guy on the forum, and he even delivered it to the shop. Finally, after over 2 beautiful sunny months, I got my R1 back and now it's running better. I only had it home a week and the rain started. I did manage to get in 2 rides on Hwy 202, 103, and 47. Plus, I got to ride it to work twice. Hopefully we'll get a few more nice days before winter sets in.
  10. Dave im so jealous of your track time & have dreamed of smooth pavement with no traffic comeing the other way to be able to hang it all out, im used to close & fast as long as theres not to many unpredictable new racers on the track, but im to old to race now my hands whould fall asleep & id probly high side it! good to hear ya got your bike goin john, do ya all like to tiddle on trail bikes? got one?
  11. The only bike I have right now besides my R1 is a Yamaha TTR 125 that my boys ride. I like it, but it's a little small for me and not street legal. I'm thinking of selling it just because we can't find any decent place to ride it. No land owners around here allow anyone to ride on their remote property because they are afraid of liability. I'm tired of loading it in a trailer to take it someplace and 4 out of 5 times we come home without ever getting to ride it because we can't find a place to ride it.
  12. Ah Brian, you too old for the track? Give me a break crackup:crackup:crackup:
    Compared to the level of difficulty of riding that FJ through the rough stuff on 202 at mach III, the track is a breeze.:mrgreen: High side? Eh, that's up to you. Funny thing, I was just working with an old ex-flat tracker at the last PSSR day at PIR and he did have more than a tendency for wanting to take big wide lines and to lay his Gix1000 on it's side and slide the rear half way around on exit. Not the fastest way around the track but was pretty cool. There are different skill levels separated into three different groups. It's not a race, but you can stretch your skills as much as you like. I'm sure you would fit right in if you ever decided to give it a shot.

    Trail bike? Nope, I got rid of my last dirt bike around '84. Just wasn't doing it for me like riding on the tarmac does...and I haven't looked back.

    Aaaaargh! We have had a really nice mid-late summer, would have sucked to miss most of it! That must have felt like two years in the middle of the Summer around here! Good to hear it's back up and running.
  13. Ok now all i need is the one piece suit for & size 50 275 pound 5ft8 petite old fart & a spot in someones trailer ect on track day! i looked at the shelton track, i did not know they had one! Cool!:mfclap:
  14. fellow DRZ owner here, mine started as the S model that i converted to the SM, as was said before, when you have a "SUMO" the world is your play ground....unless they catch you :ninja:
  15. Wavygravy ! Another FJ guy :).... The new bikes are great. Only took them 25 years to catch up. :)
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