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parking ticket

Discussion in 'Westside' started by benoleson, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. So last year, a cop was going down the street in Belltown giving tickets. Right in front of him, I popped up on the curb and prepared to go inside. He pulled up and said, hey, you gotta be on the street, you can't park there. (BTW, he was nice.)

    I said okay, I just saw how limited the parking situation was and I didn't want to use up a public space when I didn't have to. He said no worries, just pop it down to the street. So I said, I was nervous about a parking ticket because I've heard other people who need parking will just pull the parking permit off my headlight and then I've got a ticket, what am I supposed to do about that?

    He was quiet for a minute - he didn't want to answer me - and then he said, well, the truth is, we won't ticket you. We don't ticket motorcycles, 'causa that reason. I said, oh! And he raised his eyebrows and looked at me over his shades, like, hey you don't need to blab this all over town. Which I didn't, until now.

    So for a year I've been parking downtown a couple times a week with no problems.

    Today, up on Capitol Hill, however, I'm watching from a taco shop while a woman parking cop with long red hair gave me a ticket. I went out to tell her, hey, I had a parking permit on there, but it's gone! Dang! How do we resolve this?

    She said, in the future, I could write my license plate on there, along with the word MOTORCYCLE. I said, shoot, so now I need to bring a pen along with me? She said she was sorry - and in fact, if she could have cancelled the ticket right then she would but it was already in the system, blah, blah, so sorry, it's done. She said if I had to time to take off work and explain it the magistrate, he'd probably throw it out.

    Anyhoo, that's what I'll probably do. And the ticket's only for $44 - I'm sort of curious about just seeing where this goes, more than just dodging the ticket.

    And I want to be clear there was no drama, no raised voices, I'm not mad about anything, both cops were super nice and super professional, that's not the point of my story. This isn't a rant against cops, I like cops. I just wish the second cop had gotten the memo the first cop told me about! Obviously, it's unwritten and it's not something I can really bring up to the magistrate. But the first cop's approach does seem like a perfectly reasonable solution to this for the city.

    So that got me thinking, now I have to start carrying around a pen, which other motorists don't have to do. And then just because I wrote my license plate on there, and the word MOTORCYCLE, that other drivers and scooters and motorcyclists will just magically leave it alone? That's what I should have said: yeah, I wrote all that, and it's STILL GONE. Now what?

    And what about days I ride in the rain? And what about how slick that writing surface is anyway, I probably need a special $15 space pen to even write on those things.

    Also, final point: she was right, I actually didn't put a parking permit on there. That was a lie, so technically, yeah, I do deserve the ticket or whatever. But this burden of proof does seem like a real issue, and I wanted to see how they plan on handling on it.

    OKAY final FINAL point: as I pulled away, I saw an area where about 15 motorcycles were parked. Had I seen it, I would have parked there. None of them had parking permits, even though they should have. This cop MUST have seen that area, but she didn't mention it to me. It just seemed like the kind of area that we all agree motorcyclists can use and nobody's gonna bust our butts about it. But you can be damn sure no parking cop is going to go down that line ticketing, people would come out of the woodwork hassling her.

    final final FINAL point: this was all at the corner of Pike and 10th, by the Oddfellows Hall.
  2. Sounds like you've had free parking for a year. Just pay the ticket, as your "cost" to park is probably pretty cheap when you divide $44 over the times you've been parking downtown.

    Then carry on carrying on! Maybe you can go another year without a ticket....

  3. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

  4. If she was cute, why didn't you ask for her to meet you back there after she got off work to discuss it over dinner or drinks?
  5. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Not trying to be mean or sarcastic but; After your dissertation over $44.00 bucks. I would hate to read the novel involving anything larger, lol...AJ
  6. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Leo Tolstoy would be proud. :mrgreen:

    "War and Peace and Parking Tickets."
  7. Should of asked her where to buy a drink with a red head permit! Gigidy
  8. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Tex, I like your analogizes/sense of humor...AJ

  9. ...and did you ask about a "slot" where you could insert the "payment"? I'm sure that roll of quarters in your pocket would have made the ticket disappear...
  10. I talked to a ticketing guy in the International District. He told me that I should write license plate # + motorcycle on it and take a picture of it next to the license plate with your cell phone. If the ticket is written they can't take it back but you can contest it showing your cellphone pic as proof.

    If the 15 bikes are taking up one marked car parking space, only one bike needs a parking permit.
  11. Lucky you didn't get punched, or shot.

    Pay the ticket, and count your blessings.
  12. The only time I ever rode my bike downtown, I paid for my parking and had it on the headlight. I went into the county building to get my personalized license plate and found my permit gone and a ticket on my bike. I determined that Seattle hates motorcycles and have since refused to park a bike downtown. Its just too risky and time consuming to deal with parking tickets. This was quite a few years ago. And since I have read news articles and research articles with quotes from the city dot and they hate motorcycles and don't want them anywhere in the city. Yet they will let bicyclists destroy cars and assault drivers, no problem.
  13. Not exactly the subject of this thread but since the OP brought it up, I was riding into a parking lot recently and just when I was about to pull into a spot in front of the business, a truck took the spot. Yes, I know, I wasn't quick enough, but I wasn't going to play chicken with an F-350. So I popped up on the sidewalk and parked it there. Just then the driver got out and he was this big cop in uniform. (off duty I assume) He was cool about it and didn't even mention me parking on the sidewalk. We just talked about bikes.

    Oh BTW, the last ticket I got on a bike was for riding on the sidewalk...many years California.
  14. Indeed. I just burnt $50 reading this thread.
  15. I did the same thing and never got a ticket. Lucky me. Another dude got like $100 in tickets over a year - much cheaper than the garage.

    Space pens rock, BTW. Mine has gone through just about everything a pen can go through. Get a brown ink refill and feel like a boss.
  16. Yeah, Apex, thanks!

    Thanks, all - gonna pay the ticket - no worries. $44 is no big deal, I just wondered if it was interesting to anyone but me.

    And the length of the post really bothered some of you, I'm really sorry and didn't mean to waste your time and next time it'll be brief, or more likely nothing at all. Bye!
  17. It's illegal to park on a side walk?
  18. I've never had a permit stolen and I lived in Seattle for several years.

    I'd fight the ticket, but that's because I think the parking rates in Seattle are obscene and damaging to local business and the more we gum up the system the better.
  19. Seattle? Last years news. I haven't been there in 5 or 6 years. Used to take Mom up there, she liked the market and a few other spots. She's gone now. Got no use for the place. Even if parking was free ... there still wouldn't be any.
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