Penske dealers in the area?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Veloc, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to do some shopping for shocks, but I'm not familiar with the various suspension shops. Anybody in PDX/burbs deal in Penske? Trying to avoid paying the Ohlins tax if I can.
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  3. Dave Hodges sold GP Suspension's inventory to GP North/KFG Suspension recently. Contact Barry Wressell for assistance.

    Alternatively, you should be able to order Penske locally through SDS Peformance (Sage Wilkinson) or EDR.
  4. tictoc

    LOL that is what happens when you drop out of sight for a couple of years... Barry and Sage are both very skilled!
  5. Barry's a bit far for me to go visit. ;-)

    I work right down the road from EDR, so I'll go have a chat with Anton about pricing and stuff. Had forgot about SDS, so if EDR doesn't work out for some reason, I'll check down there.

    I really want to put this:


    On this:



    I meant this:

  6. Ugh. Same price as Ohlins. Looks like their prices went up in the past year or so. $1200... :cry:
  7. Yeah, you seem to be looking at the triple clicker? Find a single or Double clicker, and you may save some money.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty set on the triple. Just another thing that's going to eat away at my pocket. I had seen where people were getting them for under a grand a couple years ago. Looks like no such luck anymore.

    I'll just have to dry my tears around some high-speed corners.
  9. Call Dorn. Talk to him about some new shock/suspension company that is supposed to be better than ohlins and penske for less money. I think they were called EK, RK, AK, something K.

    Unless you're racing the monster, you'd be fine with a double. But I imagine when you're mind is made up, you won't settle for a lowly double clicker. :)
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    You don't have to go visit KFG. If you are serious about buying it you can buy it over the phone and they will mail you the shock with a right spring on it and adjusted fairly close. Once you get it on the bike, it takes a bit of dialing to get it 100%.

    Maybe you can find a used Ohlin's or Penske on forums, or Ebay as well. I got a used Ohlin's for my Speed Triple for $650, that was about a year old, and had a few thousand miles on it and a right spring for my weight. That is quite a bit less than $1400+.
  11. In the next couple of months is a good time of year to buy. Found good reductions on the new stuff as suppliers clear out old stock.
  12. trinc

    with the roads in this area being what they are, having the high speed circuit is a big plus. i had a double on my honda and wished i would have just spent the extra $$.

  13. I'm in at EDR fairly regular. Checked with them today and I can have the shock right away, all I have to do is say the word and hand over my credit card. They're the most convenient for me, since my office is maybe a mile from theirs, and I drive/ride past them several times per day.

    Haven't run across any used Penske shocks to fit the bike. Have looked.

    That was my thought as well. Having the high/low split on my workhorse bike is something I really want. I hate the squat I get from hard acceleration (TOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRQUUUUUUEEE!!!!!), but I don't want to set the bike so rigid that the washboarding and pot holes knock my teeth out. Firm, yet supple is what I want, so three-way adjustment it is!

    Sometimes you want a Cadillac that you can rail. This is one of those times.
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