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Phlebmasters 1985 VF500f Interceptor Evolution- Full of pics and win..

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Phlebmaster, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Well, daddy brought home his new project tonight. I traded my KZ400 Cafe for this wonderful machine.

    This bike has some history on this forum....first it was owned by daves929, then MeRock, Then Sinnergy and now by me. The bike is not perfect by any means, but it is a project and a daily rider in addition to having much more poop than the KZ400 had. I was grinning from ear to ear all the way home.

    I need a new rear tire, a new rear sprocket (mine is bent a bit), and some new plastics. Oh...and the white paint is going to go bye bye.

    Anywhoo.... Please enjoy my new project thread, and the many developments that will come my way as I get to know my second bike.

    Obligatory Pics....:mrgreen:





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  2. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    It definitely has potential. PS I once had a wife who made as many rounds as your new ride has...AJcrackup:
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  3. Sad to see the KZ go but looking forward to your new project.

    R1 pipes?
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  4. Before or after you??? LOL

    Potential it has for sure. My daughter already has approved, but says I must put a Decepticon sticker on it. I don't know about that....
  5. Nice ride Phleb. I like this one MUCH better.

    I'll bet it is nice and torquey. I remember riding my cousin's 83? VF500? cruiser. Not a bad bike and leaned alright.
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  6. know my afinity for flair. I like the sound of the Kerkers.

    I will miss the KZ too, but she will still be around. I passed her onto another forum member who will take good care.
  7. Thanks! I found the juice around 7500 RPM....then Vrooom!!
  8. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    I darn near bought one of those when they first came out. Motors were about "Bullet Proof" and the handling, for the time was good. I favor the original Red, White, Blue, just was a nice combination that complimented the bike/styling...AJ
  9. I believe I DID mention 8k as sort of a dividing point. crackup:

    And welcome again to the VF500F group/gang/gaggle/cult/whatever.

    I'll be watching this thread for interesting developments and/or ideas. :scared

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  10. +1 to R,W & B


    ........and no ghey xformers stickers!
  11. You mean like this? :nana

  12. Or this one...


    Of course, mine is now long gone... :(

    Even after 26 years, mine would happily pull hard to redline. Granted, it's no R6 but it was still enough to run right the hell away from every 250 I came across. Rode with one of my neighbors who was on his 1100 'Strada, and managed to keep up in the corners. Over an hour of hard riding and that engine had never been happier.

    One absolute necessity: Get rid of that rear shock! Contact Jaime Daugherty and get a modified CBR shock.
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  13. I too am looking forward to your build thread:mfclap:
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  14. Two things:
    It's not a daily rider until it doesn't have a bent drive sprocket. Please do not die because your chain bound up your rear wheel mid-corner when it jumped the sprocket.
    I know of a sweet set of zx10r pipes you could mangle on to that thing.
    Titanium makes you go faster!
    Contact nakedinseattle for details.
  15. Congrats on the 'new' acquisition. Cool bike, my wife has an '84 VF500F.
    Fun, agile little bike to tool around on, but tiny ergos and too-soft suspension for my 230# bulk.
    Yeah they definitely wake up north of 8k rpm. Gets going pretty good if you wring it's neck.
    Total agony to get started if it sits awhile and loses fuel-pump prime, but I figured out how to resolve it quickly. PM for details if you wish.

    Is that a full Kerker system? Rare as hen's teeth if it is.
    A full system makes the Miniceptor sound pretty fierce.
    Too bad the cans are maimed.

    Good Luck and have fun!

  16. First Thing......I bought this bike knowing it was going to be a project. So anything I mention about this said project is not a bad reflection on any previous owner....except MeRock, We can blame him for everything if you like... LOL Just Kidding

    Things I learned today...

    I rode her about 100 miles today and learned where the reserve is, the gear ratios and where she likes the RPM range. How she handles in the corners a likey!

    Also, how she reacts to grooves in the road and paint lines. And how she gives the smackdown to the occasional jerk who thinks he wants to merge in front of me when there is plenty of room behind. I have to say I am very impressed...quiet, and smooth until you flick the wrist and then changes happen.

    You knew this would not take me long......The throttle felt "spongy" so I fixed it. The cable was about to fall off the linkage! Glad it got me home.....




    Those are a Pain In The Ass to get off.....So ya know. :p


  17. LOL, let me know when you get set to sync the carbs. :evil4:
  18. I will! Somehow I think this sync thing is going to be a cursing party. LOL

    I was out in Tanasbourne and Orenco today for work....I should get your contact info so next time I am your way I can see if you are around.
  19. My baby! I hope you like the seat cover my mother made!

    That machine gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "cheap and cheerful". You can extract several hours of entertainment from it for less money than going to the movies! My most efficient trip on that bike was from Cheney, WA to White Salmon, WA (270 miles) getting 54 MPG. That whole trip cost me $20!

    I hope you enjoy her as much as I did! Here's some eye candy for you:

    First day of ownership:

    After some rattle-can magic (I'm poor):

    Proving my theory that motorcycles do in fact work when it is raining:

    Somewhere in eastern Washington:
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