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Picked up my White '07 CBR 600RR just 3 weeks ago & the mods started again...

Discussion in 'Westside' started by gRReenEnvy, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Been busy this past month, sold my green '09 CBR 600RR & finally got my white '07 600RR project bike almost stock 10/5 with ASV shortie levers, Akrapovic CF rear hugger & heat shield cover, and the deal maker/key piece you can't seem to buy anymore & I've been searching for... Watsen Designs Flushmounts with running lights! LOL the hardest part to find & I've been searching for, WooHoo!

    Homecoming pic:

    Humble beginnings, aka the BEFORE pic:

    Since then, been busy with mostly aesthetic mods along w/ Akra bits & CF trim. It's been rainy here in Seattle/Pacific NW, so bike's been on the stands being upgraded as parts arrive. Started with black reflective shadow wings (black in daylight, reflective silver at night), adds a sharper edge to the graphics & improved visibility at night. Then, custom reflective red rim tape & custom reflective rim logos HONDA wings, RR, HRC.

    Reapplied the OEM CBR Racing midfairing decals (previous owner debadged) to tie in the red highlights. Tripage treatment w/ Integrated taillight, fender eliminator/plate illuminated bracket, LED relay, powdercoated passenger pegs. Mounted Bridgestone S20s from Motomummy.

    Luimoto custom seat design with red RR on the seat to tie-in red highlights. Puig smoked Double Bubble. Added the $$s but ohh so sexy looking & sounding Akrapovic titanium/carbon fiber exhaust. Carbon fiber front fender, and tank lower panels. Techspec C3 tank grips. Driven Limited Ed. White D3 grips, and black custom bar ends w/ silver RRs.

    Then added amazing custom Honda S2000 dual HID projectors w/ clear lenses, along with my PIAA 6000K D2S bulbs from my last Audi S4. These puppies light it up, & no more annoying, "Hey, you've got a headlight out" comments LOL!

    Pic from today w/ the last CF bits installed.

    Props to Brian/MOTY Design for turning my custom gauge LED mod in a day, no more ugly amber display!

    New Akra exhaust & Tripage integrated taillight/signals cuz they're so SEXY!

    So again originally:

    vs. Today:

    I think I'm done modding for this month. Got my eye on a Power Commander next (PC III or PCV... hmmm?) but my wallet's pretty empty. & yeah, I realize my username doesn't make sense anymore, but don't know how or even IF I can change the username... LOL ; ) Safe riding & happy modding... Cheers!

  2. Thanks Nick,

    Yours is pretty sick as well, love your custom reflective graphics on your CBR which inspired me to add some reflective shadows to the stock wings on mine. Hope to catch you at the next bike night or ride... Cheers!
  3. I took the graphics off just for a change. I'm doing another project with my bike now. Oh and why the 07 RR? more HP?
  4. Nice, can't wait to see your new design when done, your graphics were sick.

    I've always loved the White CBRs, have a thing for white rides..., my MDX is Pearl White too LOL! Love the clean & technical look of White/carbon fiber, & '07 is the only year for the Pearl White. Plus I actually prefer the cleaner simpler '07-08 fairings over the additional engine covers of the '09-on fairings. The extra HP/less restrictive engine is an added bonus, but probably in the noise level/unnoticeable with the Akra exhaust & future Power Commander anyhow.

    Modding is addicting, ever since I built my custom Audi S4... Friends don't let friends drive or ride stock! =P

    Cheers & shiny side up!
  5. This is the main factor that led me bite on the 07/08 model. I love what you did with the headlights.
  6. Well actually my bike was originally the phenoix edition and that's pearl white with the black engine cover. I loved it but unfortunately let a friend ride it and there went my pretty white fairings :( so I went with the flat black fairings for a stealth look. Pretty happy with it but I do miss the pearl white!!!

    As for more HP for the 07, you can get that HP back on the 09 with an IRC that dyno jet came out for the RR which gives you back that 7-8 HP.

    Modding is addictive. I can't stop! My tacoma and bike drain my wallet!!
  7. Yeah, the extra hp can't hurt, but when I add the PCIII or PCV along with the Akra exhaust, all heading in the right direction. :mfclap:

    The lights really are amazing, HONDA S2000 projectors are already known as some of the best on the road, and these have custom clear lenses so less diffusion of the light, sharper cutoff, better illumination forward & to the side. HUGE difference vs. stock dim halogen single sided light where every dork would say, "Hey dude, you've got a light out..." :banghead:

    Way better than even stock reflector housings w/ HIDs like I had on my last '09 Green/Black 600RR.

  8. Luckyadam12

    Luckyadam12 Honda Rider

    Wow, that is a sick CBR!!!
    Nicely done!

    I've always thought the stock mirrors are too bulky, but I don't like riding without them.
  9. I really like those headlights. If there isn't a write-up on how to you should post one up.
  10. Grats on the pickup! She sure is purrdy.
  11. Some rear sets would fit well :ninja:
    Anything for the performance side? Slipper clutch, break lines, and so on ...

    Good looking bike.
  12. There's already quite a few writeups on dual projector mods on site, lots of good info for mods there, and where I picked up most of my ideas/instructions... :mfclap:

    Some vendors have entire kits to retrofit your headlights... a lot more work than simply plugging HID bulb kits in the stock reflectors, but definitely worth it for the illumination gains & preventing oncoming blinding...

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2012
  13. Yeah, thanks... did the aesthetics side first since the riding season's getting slim. Wishlist/plan is Dynojet PCIII or PCV w/ dyno tune from Nels, another custom suspension setup from Brian/Fluid Suspension Science, stainless brake lines, performance fluid & pads, Galfer wave rotors... Ahhhh... but can only afford so much at a time, unless I win a lottery or something, then Marchesini forged rims here we come! blingblin:

    "Friends don't let friends ride stock" :nana
  14. Looks awesome, well done. That cbr in the link posted is just insane.
  15. Beautiful! Have you considered Bazzaz? They make an awesome setup all integrated into one unit. Tunes all injectors without the need of an additional unit. My R1 has the full on Z/FI-TC with autotune and it runs like a dream. ECUnleashed also of course.
  16. Yeah, that was MoeMan's Miss O'Seven, Bike Of The Year in 2011 on, and definitely an inspiration for many on the forum there... Sold it to a fellow member who now uses it for a track bike I believe.... Insane setup indeed at it's prime. Love the forged wheels in particular, and countless other top end components, what a build!
  17. I like the headlights, but all the other stuff .... meh
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