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Picked up "sexy gen" ZX10R

Discussion in 'Westside' started by superlund, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. So I pickedup a second gen 07 ZX10R from Seattle. Has 4700 miles on it with full racing exhaust (not sure what brand that is) and ohlins steering damper.

    and OMFG! it is soo damn light compared to my 12r (i feel like i am on a pocket bike) but little underpowered to my 12r, although I don't care too much about that since seattle traffic and you guys know the rest!
    There it is. What do you guys think?


    Its a nice ride huh, guess how much i got it for?
  2. nice bike.

    that exhaust is two brothers.

  3. Nice Bike and yes from what the exhaust look like, it is a two brothers exhaust!
  4. $5000 bux

    Did you sell the 12 yet?

    also, when does the xtended swingarm get in?

    also, you couldnt afford to keep the rebel because of a ticket, WTF? Did you win the lottery. lucky u.

    Also, nice bike.
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    One of my favorites!:mfclap:
  6. selling the 12r for 5k so ill have an extra 1k for college and i took 4k loan from my mom and my credit history is excellent so she knows that ill pay her back lol

    extended swing arm? no way dude! the 12 came like that, i would never put extention on any bike. the 10 is just to have fun with, its a perfect balance of power and handling and no need to extend it lol
  7. Weird that it feels small compared to your extended 12r.
  8. i get the point but the difference is night and day and gotta get use to of riding with a damper
  9. Get that exhaust off, disgusting.

    Other than that, cute bike.
  10. 21,000 miles on mine. Love it every time I ride it. Good Choice.
  11. what mods do you got or recommend?
  12. I am tossing around a liter bike myself again for fun.Nice looking bu I agree with that can, kinda ugly.Looks out of place back there.Get Nels to tune it for you.
  13. Yup, get rid of the two bros and you are set. I almost bought that same bike from a buddy of mine. Fun ride.
  14. I would have Brian at FS2 set up your suspension. I rode my bike for 15,000 miles or so before I had it done. I wish I had done it after I rode it off the lot. Besides that, I only have frame sliders, spools, etc. the standard stuff. The biggest mod I have is I upgraded to Nissen calipers and braided steel lines. It definitely has better feel on the brakes. I also have rearsets and adjustable levers.
  15. you know jack? i bought it from him

    and dont have stock pipes if i remove the two brother
  16. I have a stock set of pipes.
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