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picking out a new helmet

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crxracer98328, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. trying to figure out what mx helmet to get. I know shoei and arai have good reviews but what about troy lee designs, fox V4s, or suomy helmets. i dont care about the price because its protecting me from death. i just want to hear what people think about there helmets and what they recommend. i have a Fox V2 right now that i like but i have it for a while and are looking to upgrade.
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  2. The most important thing about buying a helmet is the fit---go to a shop and don't just try it on, but wear it around for a while. Sounds like you are going to buy a quality helmet, but they all fit differently. I love my Arai RXQ,but it took some time to find the best fit for me.

  3. Personally i think the Icon Variant is the best for around here. The Visor would be excellent for keeping sun out of your eyes and also rain at slower speeds (traffic?) Also the visibility i hear is fantastic (I feel that is one of the top safety features of any helmet). It is also freakishly light (tried one on). That's important for if your in a crash because its less weight on your neck. I also hear it is pretty quiet at speed.

    It looks great too!

    I want one...

    Start ICON haters...GO

  4. CJ, if you like the fit of Fox, Hinshaws had the new carbon fiber V4 on sale as of yesterday. They were going for around 400 bucks, decent deal and I could not find better online. Red/black and white/black color ways. Really light, very nice interior and finish. I thought they fit like the Arai vx, chinbar close and tight. Shoei fits me best and has a more extended and roomy front.
  5. Pretty much this.

    So you're giving advice on a helmet you think is the best based what you have heard? And tried on once?

    He is asking about MX helmets, and you mention traffic?

    This is the type of fantastic advice pnwr is know for.
  6. I have done lots of research on this helmet so i figured i could give the op my opinion on what i have learned. just a fellow PNWR helping another out...

    Didn't realize he is looking for an MX helmet, my bad.

    Thanks for bashing tho...looks like you got that super hero "im on an internet forum" gene!
  7. look on sharp helmet reviews
  8. Wasn't bashing you. Just calling you out. Has nothing to do with "you".

    Citing your sources would have been more helpful then "I heard".

    Anyway, enough of this conversation here. We can take it to the open forum, or you can pm me, which I'll still post in the open forum if you have anything else to say.

    Have a good weekend.
  9. Considering how many times I crash in the dirt or drop my helmet, I'm hesitant on spending big bucks on an Arai/Shoei dirt lid. For my dirt lids I prefer to find something that fits well, is safety certified, and costs less than $200.

    For the street/track, I will always rock an Arai.
  10. If you ARE talking about dirt helmets, i freaking LOVE the TLD helmet i got from a member here. it is SOOOO much lighter than the KBC, HJC, or THOR helmets i have been using. It's just so light, it makes my riding so much more enjoyable. my neck doesn't get tired anymore. I think it's the SE's awesome.

    I know the other top brands have big followers, but i have not tried the dirt versions from them.
  11. i was looking at Suomy MR jump or Fox V4. i like to try stuff that others may stay away from. having owned a Fox before it is easy to go back. at the same time the saftey rating and weight of the suomy kind of draw me in like a moth to a bug zapper.

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  12. You got that from me Pete, it is a great lid. I had to let you have it as it deserves to go fast with you and not be used as a dirt scoop with me.

    Hope all is well with you and Blue back east.
  13. AGV bud, I have not seen anyone with one like mine. Badass looking and light too.
  14. IMHO you can not beat the Shoei VFX-W.
  15. Yessir, i did. We are doing well, thanks for asking. Sandi is actually back in PA until late October for her Acctg firm. I'm a little jealous, wish i could hit some WA ORV parks!
  16. just purchased the Suomy Mr Jump Monster edition pictured above!
  17. Love mine, spent 4 hours in it today!
  18. Arai VX Pro is my all-time favorite dirt helmet. Perfect fit, light as a feather, excellent ventillation, easy to take the insides out to wash. Currently have a Shoei VFX-W, great helmet but not quite up to the Arai standards.
  19. I just bought a One Trooper 2 helmet.

    From this guy:

    I wore my trooper 1 helmet for a long time, and hit it many times. I rode with the trooper 2 helmet Saturday, and I could barely tell it was there. The Large fits tighter than most companies streetbike large.

    edit: (ah, he had a ton of trooper 2's the other day. Looks like he has a large and a medium left.)

    edit2: I love the look of that suomy!
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