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Pictures - Short Idaho Ride BMW 1600GT vs FJR

Discussion in 'Westside' started by zpeedd3mon, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. I was recently down in Idaho and got to cruise around with my parents and my girl on a short little ride up the mountain. Heading up I got to drive the FJR (I believe its a 2009?) and then headed back down I got to take the new BMW K 1600 GT. Going up and back we were both 2 up and didn't push it super hard because there is still some gravel in the corners.

    Disclaimer! I am not a pro, engineer, or specialist, just a simple guy who likes to ride and share what I've noticed.

    FJR -

    -Super fun light bike. Comfortable enough for long trips but still a decent agressive feel in the seat.
    -With all the 3rd party add-ons we had the ability to chat, listen to the gps, tunes, and even hear the radar detector. It does have its quirkiness since it is 3rd party but all in all it worked well.
    -Controls were quick and responsive and has plenty of go even with 2 up.

    -Rolling off the throttle takes some finess. It seemed more often than not I would roll off slightly but instead of a smooth transition it would cut the fuel throwing more weight forward than I would like.


    -Soooo comfortable! Kind of a given for its class.
    -Even though its a super heavy bike sitting still, once you get rolling it has a really nice flow and I was really surprised with how easy it flicked around for its size.
    -Plenty of go! With a short quarter mile run it kept up with the FJR.
    -Shifting was smooth. Going down in gears hard the traction control and clutch all made everything super smooth.

    -Even with correct "2-up mode" and "Dynamic" Riding programs set the suspension seemed a bit more soft than I would prefer resulting in a bit more "bouncy" feeling. I figured it would be a bit stiffer.
    -The windscreen has a odd shape which seemed to distort the road infront of me. Never noticed it with the fjr and so then I just made sure it was all the way down so I didn't have to look through it.
    -All the proprietary stuff like helmets, bluetooth, etc. that you have to get that isn't even that great of quality for the price.

    Both are awesome bikes and have their own purposes. I loved riding them and the girl definitely love the BMW.

    Thanks for reading!




  2. Sweet bikes....I have been thinking of trading in my GL1800 and the Daytona I have for sale and picking up a 1600GT to keep my S1000rr company in the garage.

  3. The FJR looks so small and cute lol.
  4. nice, but I'd be more interested in that boat in the background, haha. :mfclap: :angry7:
  5. I believe that is a 2007 in Black Cherry. The 2009 is Raven Black with black wheels, 2008 is the same color but with silver wheels. A lot of claims by owners of different years that their year in 'pick a color' is the fastest and best. They are all fast and handle well. At ~650 pounds they aren't as easy to flick back and forth in corners but they will keep up pretty well.
  6. whoa, I am surprised its been that long. I was just basing it off when I left Idaho but it makes sense that its the year before. :) You like yours? Do you have the automatic version? This one was standard.
  7. Thanks for sharing and great pics.
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