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Discussion in 'Westside' started by RCJIM, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Yo, trying to a hold of you this week before i spend my money with someone else:roll:
  2. A private message/phone call/email/text message wouldn't have been a better solution? Or just trying to call him out publicly to make yourself feel more important? :roll:
  3. he doesnt check pnwriders often. im sure jim already tried 2 out of the 4 options you suggested.
  4. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    your not the only one trying to reach him - x2

    that being said
    not sure if he has his kiddos for the summer.
  5. yea, i have emailed/called/text/PM'd, even made a post, you asshat. But on another note, yea i feel the need to be super important cant you tell?
  6. No harm no foul. Ping was replied to via Email. Everything is good. Had some pressing matters that threw curve ball into my replies and scheduling.
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  7. WOW see how important i am right now, yea f yea!!!
  8. Hey thanks Gixxer Tek for taking on my project, shop looks great and I am looking forward to a awesome outcome thanks Bud
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