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PIR 8-17-09 grp buy

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Twisties4me, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Sign up sign up. $175 Del's group buy. PIR Monday 8-17-09. Who is in?
  2. In. jumpjump: :301 guitar::headbang: :thumbup:

  3. I'm not sure what "Del's group buy" is, but I might be interested in this. Where might I find more info?
  4. When you sign up just put “Del’s Group Buy” on the registration and you’re good to go.
  5. Is the difference refunded? On the PSSR website, I check the box beside my group on 8/17, then click the PayPal button to checkout, and it redirects me to the PayPal website wanting $210. Am I missing where to put "Del's Group Buy"?

  6. Paypal + Discount = No Bueno

    Just fillout the registration and fax/mail/e-mail it to them... pay (check/cash) the day of or if mailing send check at that time. :mfclap:
  7. Got it. Thanks.
  8. :ninja: Why should I pay 175 when I can have a track day for $140 on 8/26 and $145 on 8/12? :scratchea

    ICEMANFTR berettagtz117


  10. PSSR has classroom instructions the first half of the day for both B and C Groups which the other two Orgs. do not provide.

    Another nice thing about PSSR is that they do corner demonstrations where you stand next to one of the corners and the instructors go through at full-speed. You get a close up of the corner, the race lines used as well as the braking/accelerating/shifting points. IMO it’s well worth the extra $30-35.
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  11. Didnt know about class and corner view.

    so class is included in the price?
  12. Yep. :mfclap:

    Take the classes in the a.m. and get Lee to video you in the p.m. :mrgreen:
  13. The size of the groups are limited, so you can find plenty of open track if you want it. They also feed you lunch.
  14. Thanks - I'll think about it.
  15. The reason I pay to ride with PSSR are the instructors. They are truly great people and as I'm finding our more about them, the more I enjoy their company and counsel. They're always happy to see me and I don't have to go find an instructor as they seek me out instead, especially Del, Mike, Dan, Brad, & Kevin. Scott is awesome! He will babysit the ninja 250's all day long and Charlie is a blast. Al and Tom are a sight to behold 2 up.

    This isn't a slam against other trackday providers but I simply prefer the camraderie and familial closeness of the PSSR crew.
  16. Nice testimonials. PSSR should feel honored :mfclap: .

    Question: Does anyone have gearing suggestions for PIR both with and without the Festival Curves for a CBR1000?
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  17. Mine is still stock.
  18. I might be in for this, but would like to know if we will be pitting inside or outside the track. (never done a track day at PIR) I don't have a trailer, so if we're pitting outside, my wife could follow me down to the track with tools so I can get my bike track ready. She won't want to stay all day though, hence this will likely only work if we're pitting outside.
  19. PSSR pits on the outside. There will be plenty of riders there happy to help get you sorted. You can also use my pit if you'd like. PM me if you want to share my awning, chairs, etc.

    Thanks for the props, all. We really appreciate your business, and everyone's efforts to make our events comfortable and safe for all the riders, regardless of skill level.
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