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PIR on Sunday

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Norainy, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. A couple of us are heading over from the coast to PIR on Sunday the 26th to watch the events and see if we can get in on the Taste of Racing.

    We will be at the junction of Hwy 53 & 26 at 8:00 a.m. if anybody wants to join.

    Not sure what time TOR will be, but I plan on being back at the coast by 4 pm.

    Taste of Racing requirements
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  2. Hey Bret,

    Who came? Rick Henry told me he was planning to meet you. Did you get to ride on the track? How was it? Fill us in...

  3. John,

    Rick, Joe and myself made it over there from the coast. Fun ride over there, even though we came close to having a police issue but it did not materialize :devil:

    We got signed up for TOR and everyone passed tech inspection. They gave Joe some leeway as his rear tire was close to not passing.

    It was a blast riding the track again. I thought I could rely on memory for lines, proper gear selection and braking. Hell no, I was all over the place, bad lines, bad breaking points, wrong gear choices and even missing a shift on the straight. But still fun as hell :thefinge: No more chicken strips on this set of tires, well the front still has some as I did not drop air pressure for the event.

    I'm not going to track the Ducati, except for more TOR's. But I am now in the market for a dedicated track bike. I desperately need to spend more time on the track and keep the skills refreshed much more often.

    I think Rick had the most fun, he was acting like a kid in a candy store. He was nervous but loving it.jumpjump:

    Hope you can make the next one, with maybe a few more folks from this area. ps - a little bird told me, that you are going to quit buying those race take-offs. Hope the damage to the bike & you was minimal.

    Some of the bikes staged in the tech area


    Rick and Joe with their new Red Bull girlfriends. Notice how the girls picked who to stand by, by height crackup:


    The stunt show was fun to see also, and they had a decent crowd watching them.


  4. Hurry up and get that track bike, of course you know Ducs make great track bikes:secret:...if you can take Mondays off, PSSR has three more PIR events this year for only $150/day if you pre-register. Next one is July 11th - I'll be there and can help you remember all you forgot8) Check it out at Nothing like a day long track fix:devil:
  5. I may be looking at one this weekend in Seattle, but if you know of any for 2k or less, let me know. Prefer a 600 to help keep tire cost down.

    The Duc was loving the track, it wanted to corner much better & steeper than I was letting it. I just can't afford to wreck it anymore and keep it purty. :tard:

    As soon as I have secured a bike, I am registering for the track days.
  6. Bret, It looks like you guys had a blast and the weather was great also. It also looks like you guys made some new girlfriends. :clap :sex: :thumbup: :cheers: :love10:

    I did put on some nearly new race takeoffs, but I'm going to check the condition very carefully. I've got most everything I need to fix mine up. I'm just looking for a deal on a few more parts. Money is my only limit. I also used the downtime to do some much needed maintenance.
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