Pirelli Diablo Supersport Set - BRAND NEW

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by nwskipro, Jun 5, 2012.

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  3. Good morning. Someone buy some tires today!
  4. Happy Friday!
  5. Make an offer!
  6. seatea32

    will you ship
  7. I can ship but when I checked last it was at least $15 UPS ground and I wouldn't be able to ship them till Friday morning
  8. ...
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  9. shelbyguy

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    um, yeah....wtf
  10. I have another set.

    Why don't you take this to PM and let me reply BEFORE you take it here? You know all these pricks want is someone to start jumping on for something they know nothing about.
    Case in point:
    I think sending you a tracking number less than an hour after receiving payment is pretty damn good service, especially when I'm in Boston and it was 10:30pm local time.

    **Resolved over PM just now. There was NO double dealing or anything of the sort. I should have notified him that a second set recently became available to me and I thought it was just easier to keep this original posting up.**
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  11. I need a set.
    Hit me up if you do. Thanks
  12. Only have the front tire now.
  13. At least they didn't ask you if the tires were real rubber and not plastic. :tard:
  14. Haha I guess I must have missed that thread!

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