Pit bull front and rear stands

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  1. Selling my front and rear pit bull stands. Front is steering stem lift.

    $125 each. Prefer to sell together.

  2. Bump...

    Need to sell this weekend, heading back down to Mexico next week...
  3. I would take them, but yeah, I'm in Arizona right now.
  4. Got pictures? More info? condition?

    FYI, brand new stands are not that much more expensive, so I expect these to be in practically new condition. Very interested in the rear stand.
  5. ^very interested in front stand....but im up north if anyone is coming this way?? :mrgreen:
  6. very interested in a hella deal
  7. Got my interest, lets see some pictures!
  8. You live in Bucerias! We are neighbors!

    I'll post pics later today, out at the coast until this weekend then headed back to Mexico...
  9. Here is a pic

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