Pitbull front/rear stands Ducati

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  1. Sold!!
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  2. i wasn't looking to trade..but i don't mind entertaining your offer..

    what are you offering for the trade?
  3. ninjaofdoom

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    Will you be going to the ridge or any WA track days this year?
  4. A guy I work with might be interested in these. He has a 748 and I believe the rear axle is the same size, not sure about the stem up front... Do you happen to know?
  5. sorry, i don't think i'm going to make up that way anytime this year..
  6. unfortunately i don't know if the stem will fit on the 748..i'm sure if he contacts Pitbull directly they can probably assist him with the answer..sorry, i wish i knew..if he's close to my location, he can stop by to see if they work..just let me know..
  7. Sold!!

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