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Place to powerded coat my wheels?????

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 87112, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. My silver wheels are just an eyesore I cant take much longer. I live in Seattle, can someone suggest a place that can powered coat my wheels black and do i all. From taking the wheels off the bike, bearings. I just want to pay for good work.
  2. i had mine done at hell yeah custom coatings in kenmore for $150. i took them off my bike and pulled the bearings though, but he did all the cleaning, sandblasting and coating. came out pretty well... not 100% perfect, but damn close.

  3. Saw an add on CL from Walla Walla a few days ago....had mine done at custom powder coat in Pasco.....
  4. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

  5. Nice name for a biz. crackup:
  6. haha, yeah it is... for what it's worth, i'm pretty sure it's a one-man operation and that he works out of his garage, but the price was right and the results were good, so he gets my recommendation!
  7. I can do all the prep and drop at powder coater. One stop everything.
  8. Any idea what your powdercoater charges?
  9. I have been thinking of getting mine done this winter too and I am like the OP, I will take them off the bike, but I want someone to take the tires and bearing off, powdercoat, then reinstall.
  10. I got mine powder coated gold for about $300 for the sandblasting and powder coat. Evidently gold is the worst color option because all other colors are like $20 for 5lbs of powder, but gold was almost $80 for 5lbs.
  11. Bump. please help a brother out, Honda lost its mind when it put silver rims on the 2011 and therefore I am about to lose mine looking at this winter.
  12. American Powder Coating has pretty good price.... Had a bunch of smaller stuff done by them
  13. Powdercoating inc. in Mukilteo. HELLUVA nice job on some Kawi green rims. ~$100. 425-743-4393
  14. I haven't been around much but saw this, and I would say save your money and just paint them. Powder coat is indestructible you say... and from experience it is pretty much the same as paint (just that your wheels get heated up and aren't as strong as before), but you can't touch up powder coat. (Don't paint them yourself either, cause I'm sure you will make runs in the paint.)

    Also, if you force the bearings out, don't be a cheap ass get new bearings to force back in. I think my new bearings dropped in (rear) but I had to press the front wheel. (New bearings are the shit in the twisties, tightens everything up.)

    EDIT: I used bearing seal on the rear and front just because when I saw them slip in I said F@#$ that.
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