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Plasti Dipped My Helmet

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Jake2545, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. So until I get my own gear I have been using some of my dads older stuff. He gave me this older AGV helmet with a Harley emblem on the front. The paint was dinged up and was nothing that caught that eye thats for sure. I decided I wanted to try some Plasti Dip on it and see what i could come out with as it has no effect on the surface underneath and can easily be removed.

    Here are some before pictures.


    I washed the helmet good with soap, water and a sponge, removed the eye shield and side plates and then masked off a few little areas.

    I laid on 5-6 coats letting them dry for about 20-30 between each one. Took less then one can and came out pretty nice.


    Overall im pretty happy with the outcome, especially for $5.99! Its got a nice matte kind of rubberized texture. I'm gonna let it dry for another 24hrs let everything set but to bring some life into a second back-up helmet this stuff is great!

  2. looks good for a quick fixer

  3. Looks good! I never thought of doing a helmet with the stuff, great idea!

    I did my car's grill, so far it's held up absolutely great, not a single peel all winter.

    The danger of plastidip cans comes with it being so cheap..and the ability to peel it off, you start thinking "man, i've got this extra can, what else can I plasti-dip?!"

  4. Yea Some guy on the SVRider forum did his whole bike in the stuff so I figured I would try it out. Its pretty amazing stuff! I have definitely got the "What else can I Plasti Dip syndrome" lol
  5. Cool.
    I didn't know it was sold in a spray can.
  6. careful! you'll get addicted! It comes in different colors too.

    The pour stuff can also be mixed with a thinner and sprayed through a normal paint gun with a different tip. Some people have even sprayed entire cars with the stuff (not really advised IMO).
  7. This stuff works well also:

    SEM Chip Guard. Comes in a few different colors, and even in clear. Best way I can describe it is "ABS glue in a spray can". Even smells the same.

    If you have bonding problems with stuff peeling off, it is most likely due to lack of surface prep. You need to have a sanded or etched surface for a good bond. Just cleaning the slick surface is not enough. At the very LEAST, you should scuff it with red scotch brite.
  8. I just picked up a new lease car earlier this week and plan on plasti dipping the heck out of it this weekend.
  9. just don't remove the stuff with a powersprayer and ruin the paint..there's pics of a guy that did that to his lease somewhere around the net
  10. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Who needs a helmet, just plasti dip your head!?! ;)
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