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Plastic welding vs. JB Weld

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Lynk, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of plastic welding versus JB Weld on a "bullet"-style mounting tab?

    Here's a picture of what broke:

  2. You might possibly be able to get away w/ using Plasti-weld, I've found the stuff in the black dispenser(sp) to be stronger than that in the clear dispenser

    Im thinking it might bond a little better due to the chemical reaction ,than the JB

    I know theres a guy on CF that can weld plastic (Lauralynn's ol' man or??)

    good luck to you w/ it

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    JB is more accurate, for this job. It can be applied excatly where ya want it, in this case, an interferance fit, must be close to perfect.
  4. They are both right but I would plastic weld it. Plastic weld will make one solid piece rather than jb weld adhering two pieces together. If you do jb weld it rough the shit out of the surrounding area and apply widely to give it something to grip to.
  5. i was told by a very experienced mechanic that plastic welded my fairings that plastic welding mounting tabs isn't the best idea. He suggested JB weld. I forget why...
  6. when i jb weld i get someof the wall repair mesh (4 bucks ) and cut a strip to help with the strengh of the repair
  7. I wasn't awake enough to notice "bullet style" mounting:angry7: :mrgreen:

    I'd also opt for JB over Plasti-weld in that sitch

    but a actual plastic welder would be best IMO

    Soggy... great tip! Im gonna use that 1 next time I need!!
  8. That's three for JB... I'll go that route. Thanks guys!

    I'll post a pic of the finished job, in the morning.
  9. 2-part plastic epoxy.

    WAY better than "plastic welding" with heat, chemically bonds itself in a way that no other epoxy can beat, and still maintains the original (though small) bit of flexibility.

    Get it at Wally World, or just about any auto parts place. Usually comes in a black plastic dual-syringe style. I prefer the Devcon brand, but just about all of them are the same.
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