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Poker game

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 2 dizzy, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Well, since my bike isn't ready yet, and I can't ride....... And it is the weekend....

    It's time for our weekly poker game. Try to start around 7, but can't wait if you are running a few minuets late. 10 dollar buy in. 15 minute rounds. 10 dollar rebuy if you go out early and 10 add on at the 4th round. Bring your own beer/liquor. Order pizza if people wanna throw in. It's in Lynnwood. Easy to get to. Fun times, good company, and usually alot of laughs. Anyone interested?

    Text or call me or my brother (poker's at his house anyway)

    425-518-7052 me
    360-551-7020 Crashbandicoot (Phil, my brother)
  2. I never know if this is an old post or a new one, sorry:tard:

  3. It's a new one.

    You interested in coming?
  4. did you forget how to check datestamps?
  5. hey koor, you should come too.
  6. Hey heres an idea how about poker next friday at 7. this is as much notice as anyone is gonna get if anyones down hit us up
  7. no.
  8. Next weekend is labor day weekend and also PAX is going on in Seattle. Won't be able to make poker.

    (if you don't know what PAX is your nerd card is revoked)
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