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Police: Road rage incident involved coins, ranch dressing

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by JohnnyM, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. 09:52 AM PDT on Wednesday, June 3, 2009


    Ada County Jail

    Tiffany Wallace, 18, of Boise, has been charged with aggravated battery after a road rage incident Monday afternoon.

    BOISE -- An 18-year-old Boise woman has been charged with felony aggravated battery after a road rage incident in Boise Monday afternoon.

    Boise Police say they received a call of road rage around 3:48 p.m.

    When officers arrived, they found a woman in a pickup had rear-ended a Kia sedan several times, causing considerable damage to the car.

    The driver and two passengers were in the Kia. Police say no one was hurt.

    Tiffany Wallace, 18, of Boise, was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail for aggravated battery.

    According to police, the young man driving the Kia called dispatch to report he was being followed by a woman in a red GMC Sonoma pickup. He said the woman had cut him off, yelled obscenities at him, and was throwing coins and ranch dressing at his car. He tried to get away, but she continued to follow him.

    The dispatcher told the man to drive to the parking lot of St. Alphonsus, which was nearby, to meet an officer. When he pulled into the parking lot, the driver of the pickup rammed the Kia at least three to four times, according to witnesses.

    Police say the Kia was heavily damaged with numerous dents that appeared to be caused by coins thrown at the car, the rear bumper of the car was falling off, and the taillights were falling out. The Kia's sides and trunk also had spots of ranch dressing that had apparently been thrown by the driver of the pickup.

    The road rage victims were visibly shaken and upset, but were able to speak with officers and describe what happened.

    Boise Police urge motorists not to risk their safety by challenging aggressive drivers
  2. haha!

    The look on her face in that mug shot says it all.

    "thought I was a bad-ass, mommy, get me outta herez!!!"

  3. Well - there goes the bright future that was ahead of her. Hope she learns how to keep her shit together.
  4. Sounds like some shit "acquantences would pull on hookers on sprague, cept it was powdered donuts and change, ranch dressing though, I like.
  5. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    too bad it was'nt bbq sauce.

  6. Biatch should have used a real Dressing....

    Like Blue-Cheese!

    That would have packed some power!
  7. Last edited: Jun 3, 2009
  8. Tacoma, circa. 1988: Pennies and paintballs on Pac. Ave.

    'nuff said.

  9. LOL Good ol Pacific ave, too bad I woulda been about 5 at the time and living near Graham.
  10. Oh, the joys of putting crap about yourself up for all to see on the interwebs.:mrgreen:

    nice pic btw~!
  11. Isn't that how a Kia comes from the factory?
  12. Nah, I've got a jail record too. If she plays her cards right, she can still get out okay. She just needs to be a little more clever in her revenges...and or forgivings...
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