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Possible Solutions?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by 2 dizzy, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I woke up this morning, took my bike out of the garage and it fired right up. Rode over to the library, was inside for about an hour and a half and went out to the bike. It fired right up. Rode to Everett and stopped to get smokes. Bike fired right up. Went to my friends house, parked for an hour while I used the computer, and ............ BLAH.

    The bike wouldn't start. I turned the key, pushed the starter and heard a medium (in volume) pop. And.........NOTHING. The bike won't start. I turned off the bike, pulled the fairings from the right side, opened the case cover and turned the bolt with a socket wrench. It turns freely, so the engine isn't seized. I put it all back together, turned the key........ and now it makes the "chaggg-uggggg, chaggg-ugggg" sound like the it's trying to start but just won't catch and turn over. So I thought maybe I might have flooded my engine. I let it sit for a little while (approx 45 minutes) and went out to try it and it did the same thing. It made the "chaggg-ugggg" sound like it was trying to start, but wouldn't. So I turned the key to the "off" position and the bike still kept trying to turn over. Once I took the key out of the ignition the sound stopped. The problem is....... now I have now electrical to my bike. When I turn the key to the on position, nothing happens. No power, no lights, nothing.

    Other than the smartass answer of "scrap the bike and get a new one," (which I have seriously considered doing) what are some possible solutions I can do to restore power and get the bike to start.

    In the last 2 weeks I've replaced the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, and air filter. So I don't know what else to try.

    Any suggestions/solutions??
  2. Have u tried push starting it??Also try and take a look at the wires from the battery terminal Those wires are from the stator to the regulator. Common for these bikes to melt that plug. Yamaha used crappy wire and connectors there.

  3. We had discussed a possible electrical issue with your R6 the other day.
    You've definitely got one.
  4. Uh oh! I was going to say possibly spark plugs, but you already stated you replaced them, plus after I started getting near the end of your post, it wasn't sounding like a spark plug issue after all. I hope it's something simple man!
  5. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Battery and /or battery connections. Start there..also the starter relay.
  6. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    maybe try taking it to someone qualified to chase electrical gremlins?
  7. Got it on a battery tender right now. I'm gonna be checking the fuses soon. See if maybe I blew one. This is turning out to be a project bike sooner than I intended. LOL.
  8. Bet you have a short from the battery cable to starter. That might have been the pop sound. Then it was just a fried cable not getting enough power, then finally blew the main fuse.???

    Just guessing.
    But it should be easy to trace.

  9. this sounds familiar. sorry to hear your bike is giving you issues.
    I would check battery>connections>wire harness>charging system>short>ignition switch>starter or other items probably in that order. if you can rule out what it isn't that is more helpful that not knowing anything, narrow it down till you find it.
  10. So here's an update to this situation:

    Checked all the fuses. They are all good. Even replaced 2 of them just to make sure.
    Checked the battery, it was fucked. It was sitting at 1.6v. So we hooked it up and got it charged up, for the purposes of trying to start the bike. I will be taking it back to the shop tomorrow as it was just replaced in june and is still under warranty.
    The bike, once charged, turns over. The starter is good, the engine is good. It just won't catch.
    We checked all electrical relays we could, short of pulling apart the stater. All electrical connections were good. No fried wires. No shorts that we could find.
    Check the plugs. They are good. I'm getting spark.

    After trying for a while to try to fire it up, there was a "pop" (similar to the sound in movies when smoke screen bombs go off) and smoke started coming out from under my gas tank. We pulled the gas tank, and it was white smoke coming from the air filter/intake box. (possible backfire that came out).

    While sitting hooked up to jumper cables we were able to charge the battery from 1.6v to a full 12.6v. It turned the motor faster, but didn't start the bike. So...

    We decided to try to push start it.

    The bike started when we push started it.
    It ran for 20 - 30 seconds, then died.
    We started it normally, and it would run at 2k rpm's AS LONG AS WE HAD THE THROTTLE WIDE OPEN.
    When we let off the throttle, the engine died.

    Intermittently there would be small puffs of white smoke coming out of the exhaust.
    We got the bike back into the driveway after getting it started, and then NOTHING. It wouldn't start.

    Upon trying to start in the driveway, after push starting it, the battery drained from 12.6v to about 10.4v. And kept dropping lower. When trying to start it during that period there were 3 instances where there would be a small pop, a flame to shoot out of the exhaust, and then the smell of unburnt gas.

    It almost seems as though the engine is flooded so badly that it's not clearing itself. The exhaust smells particularly heavy of unburnt gas and occasionally has a puff of white coming out of it when trying to fire it up.

    I quit for the night. It's sitting on a tender hopefully charging enough so that it might fire in the morning.

    Now that I've said the things that it's not......... Does anyone have any other ideas of what it IS???
  11. Sounds like it might be your timing chain jumped...explains the back fire, hard running/not starting, flooding, and it can happen instantly...
  12. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Low battery/shit battery.....get a new one in there and try it. 12.6V at rest, yes, but once you try and start it the voltage drops quickly. Get a new battery, then diagnose further. Trying to diagnose with jumper cables/low voltage/crap battery is kind of pointless.
  13. +1 on that. How old is the battery? That is usually the first thing I will check or replace. Just because you can get 12.6 volts at rest doesn't mean that it is a good battery. It should still have some juice left in it. A shit battery will only be good for a couple attempts when fully charged.

    Even borrowing a battery is a good idea, just to eliminate it. Jumper cables and a shit battery aren't a replacement for a good one.
  14. his battery is new. The stator is also new.
    His issue is that there is no voltage rise at teh bat terms with RPM rise
  15. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Well, that sounds like an R/R problem to me or a wiring problem. Time to go through the harness then.
  16. I hadnt been able to test teh RR
    But you're right. its either wireing or the RR
    Carbs need cleaning really badly also along with a valve adjust.
  17. wheeee!
    Just wanted to get in on this.
    I gotz one of them there fancy meters.
  18. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Me too....mine even has a built in Oscilloscope.
  19. Hey RedKat,
    Where is LaCenter??
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