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Post YOUR motorcycle videos

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Anastasia, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I made my first motorcycle video a few weeks ago and posted in the Portland area section. After finishing a second video, I thought there should be a place people could post there's for everyone to find.

    So this video is me trying a new angle for the GoPro. I was inspired by a YouTube video with a similar view that spent 5 minutes staring into the eye's of some random person while they ride down the road. I thought my mirrored visor would give a better view.
  2. as I click back to the home page, I see a post titled "Do not ride in tucked or crouched position." It was so windy today, that I had to tuck into a crouched position. Besides. I thought that's what gas tanks were for. Laying on.

  3. No. no; tank BAGS are for lying on.


    Btw, someone make me an offer for that bag, I no longer have a sportbike.
  4. cool video! :popcorn:
  5. I am back in town, but work until 1:15 tomorrow :( if you're leaving any time after that, I'm in!!!!

    Besides... I want people to film ;D
  6. Woo that helmet looks creepy when in tuck. Cool video.
  7. thats really cool, its a shame i didnt have my go pro with me yesterday.... or i'd have some epic flying action......
  8. Very cool video. That angle is so different :mfclap: I just bought another GoPro so I will have to try that angle next time :mrgreen:

    Here's one from last August
  9. Needs more corners. :popcorn:
  10. +1
  11. $15
  12. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

  13. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

  14. I have improved a bit since my first trackday huh?:thefinge:
  15. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Gimmie another year. We'll enjoy some competition. I can't wait :)

    I miss the track... :mrgreen:

  16. crackup:crackup:crackup: I have only got somwhere between 50-75 days at the track on ya since that video and with another year under my belt we can add at least seven 3day rounds at OMRRA , three or four 3 day rounds at WMRRA, five 2day weekends with motofit, and seven 2 day race weekends on the supermoto, not to mention all the random days I will get a wild hair...........

    .........that leaves you some catching up to do!!!crackup:crackup:crackup:
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  17. agreed. More corners on the way :) this was just my trip home from picking up my paycheck today. I was more interested in what the angle would look like than how the video would look.