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Potentially purchasing an '88 FZR 400

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Krev, May 25, 2012.

  1. Hello all:

    Looking into this FZR 400. I used to own a 1981 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza last year, but wound up selling it due to some unexpected bills and I just didn't really connect with the bike.

    I'm looking at a 1988 FZR 400 this coming Sunday down in Portland. 20k miles, seems to be in really good shape. Got the VIN, checked it out, and it's clean. Asking $2250, talked down to $2000. I originally offered $1800, but it has brand new tires on it and new muffler. Yes, I am aware the back tire rim is black. According to the seller, it's a larger wheel to accommodate a larger rear tire. Steel braided brake lines, no oil leaks anywhere, no leaks on the forks, and flush mount front signals.

    Here's some pictures of the bike:





    Looking to see if you guys think this is a good buy, and any other help information you have to impart on me! If I pick up the bike, which I think I will unless something alarming comes up when I go look at it.

    Thanks guys.
  2. FZR400s are awesome little bikes and that one looks to be an excellent example. I believe an FZR600 engine will bolt right in with very little modification...

  3. If you decide not to buy it pass the sellers info along to me! Nice find. I wish we had more 400cc sport bikes here in the state.
  4. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Oh my! I love it!
  5. Its a straight bolt in with no modification.

    Looks like I'll have to get my 400 up for sale soon. Not as pretty as that one though.
  6. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!
    You can take the stocker out and shelf it and throw in a 350 banshee motor.
    They use to sell kits.
  7. Looks like an SV650 wheel on the back...
  8. Didn't they run 18's on the rear?:scratchea
    Might just be a 17" FZR600 rear wheel?
  9. Now THAT'S a good idea!

    Two strokes forever!
  10. Great bike and great purchase. These are classic bikes; much success in racing back in they day. DONT listen to this dudes and start modifying it, that defeats the whole purpose for buying a 400:shock:

    If somebody wants a 600 then get a 600, why spend a couple thousand more jacking up this iconic bike:shock:
  11. If you're serious please let me know.
  12. If "I" had it. It would get restored. Paint match the rear wheel, get rid of those turn sigs, upgrade the front to 4 pistons and that's about it.
    High on the cool factor, classic, rare what more could you want?
    I was just kidding about the stroke. I've been there and done that several times.:angry7:

    That is way to clean to fool around with.:thefinge:
    Last edited: May 25, 2012
  13. Great little bikes. I've got a 90 with a 600 motor, also had an 89 that I raced back in the day. Personally I prefer the 400 motor, not as fast but more fun. I see a few nice little mods, flush turn signals, case savers and sliders. If the rear is 17" that's a nice upgrade, better rubber available. The original front forks were rather softly sprung but that's easily fixed. A little heavier fork oil doesn't hurt either. Enjoy it for what it is.

  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys. If I do make any changes to it, it'd be the headlights. I like night riding a whole lot more than day, so I'd want to make sure I have above adequate headlights for that. That, and paint the rear tire rim white.
  15. Great bikes. Super reliable when they're not built. Build one up and you can have +70 hp and lots of maintenance. Yes, FZR600 motors bolt right in.

    20K miles - try to get there before you said you'd be. That way you can try to start the bike cold. If the valves are neglected, it will be difficult to start.

    Last gen rear FZR600 wheels don't bolt straight up. Some do an FZR600 swingarm swap to have the 17" rear. TZR wheels will bolt on easily to the stock swingarm. The mod is to change the 18" to 17". Not to have a wider rim for bigger tires. Going to 17" opens up your tire choices. If your rear is still an 18" you can still get great rubber - Bridgestone 090 works awesome. The 1990 FZR400 has an aluminum swingarm. Track one down if you want your swingarm way lighter.

    First gen R6 brakes bolt right up. Easy upgrade to a two piston caliper. Also track down a second gen R1 master cylinder. They're radial and give much better feel.

    Want GP shift? Get an FJR1200 shift knuckle and use it upside down on the FZR. It is bent and allows it to clear the engine cases.

    There are still Fox shocks floating around. They make a huge difference in the rear end and are adjustable. The front just needs new springs and emulators. Jem made adjustable fork caps. Hard to find but worth it if you plan on tinkering.

    Fun bikes. Gotta blow the cobwebs off mine also. Been sitting alone way too long.
  16. Sounds like you know a lot about these Fizzer's. And you're in Redmond. We should sync up sometime if I pick up the bike. Would be cool to meet another PNW guy.
  17. Damon Mon Wai

    Damon Mon Wai Inspector Gadget

    I won a ton of races on FZR400's!!!

    They are great bikes!! I think I still have some parts for them. They were the bike to have for the middleweight racing classes until the SV650 came out.
  18. :thumbup:

    For sure. Good luck bike hunting.
  19. Woooooo tomorrow is the big day. I actually think the first thing I'm gonna try and track down would be one of the passenger seat cowls. I won't be taking anybody on this thing, and I like the boxy rear end more anyway.
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