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powder coating

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by zx7, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. My wheels are peeling so I think it's time to get them powder coated. Where is a good place in spokane to get it done.
  2. Does anybody on here do powder coating?

  3. I don't know anyone in town, but I googled powder coating in Spokane and there is a place over by the napa on Freya. They have a website, worth checking out.
  4. I take all my stuff to Lake City Powdercoating in CDA. They do a great job and less $$$$.
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  5. There's a place out in the SE corner of the industrial park thats done some very good work for me. Can't think of their name right now, but when I get home, I'll try to find their brochure and post up the name.
  6. I-90 Express?

    They're on Park rd off the Broadway exit.
  7. Thank you all for the info.
  8. No, these guys are out in the actual industrial park. They've done tanks, truck wheels motorcycle frames and other small parts for me. Good job, not expensive. didn't find their brochure last night. I'll look again.
  9. Here ya go:

    3808 N Sullivan Rd
    Spokane Valley

    You can find them on the web.

    They've done great work for me.
  10. I had may stuff done here and was told all bolt holes would be plugged but never happen. :angry7:
  11. I did all my own prep work including plugging bolt holes and taping parts I did not want coated. These guys are industrial powder coaters, not finish painters. bike frame- $50; truck wheels - $30 bucks each. Nice smooth finish each time.
  12. ^^^^^^ do your own prep and you'll get a nice product there.
  13. I use I-90 express for everything. The guys in the industrial park are hard to get ahold of and don't seem to call you when your stuff is done. I-90 is just off Nora and a couple blocks north of sprague/south of broadway.
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  14. These guys are great! They do all of my FLO orange wheels for my race bike, awesome quality and great prices. :mfclap:

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