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pre-monkeybutt bbq

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by cruiserchick, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. :mfclap:lets try this again bbq at mine and svrob's house. saturday before the monkey butt aug. 18th maybe a mellow ride up mt. baker before hand,(it's just up the street), or just come on out and have some bbq. if there isn't a lot of intrest then we'll try again later,8) but it would be really cool to have a driveway full of bikes just before the monkeybutt.:mrgreen:
    if you want to do a ride we'll have to work out details for that :nana.
    if this all sounds good pm me or svrob for directions

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  2. sounds like a good plan!......are 250 ninja's ok to bring to this?.....if so,I may be there!

  3. jumpjump:
    Of course. no more than 3 wheels, and not a scooter!? C'mon OUT!!!jumpjump:
  4. I'd be in for this. Maybe make my brother come along with his girl. I'll keep an eye on the thread.
  5. Time to make my first appearance of the year. big cham coming to play..... I would love to bring food or put down some cash to help with your bbq
  6. That's cool. If you really want to. 8)
    Not needed, So...
    Not sure what we're going to bbq yet. Thinking blue cheese burgers, And... stuff.

    C'mon everybody! It seems a good oppertunity to make sure bikes are running well before the monkeybutt! Espeically if you made some changes...:mrgreen:...
  7. is there a cougar alert?
  8. theres always a cougar alert.....
  9. K guys thought of a short ride. Meet at cook road starbucks and head up 9 torwards mine and sv robs house to mt.baker then back to our house for some yummy bqq.

    PUNCH AND PIE :mrgreen:
    If that sounds good then see ya'll there
  10. um.......... I know I'm gonna get hell for asking.... but.........

    what is monkeybutt?
  11. its wear you go on a long ass ride and make very little stops and when you get off your ass hurts like hell that my friend is monkeybutt.
  12. meet at cook road starnuck @ 10 :mrgreen:
  13. Really??? Short ride(probably farely mellow ride), Free food. And so on.
    Great day. Bellingham Where are you?
  14. I'll be on call, but I'm gonna try to make it anyway. We'll see how busy the week is!
  15. awesome!!!
  16. yes this looks like a pretty good turn out:mrgreen: hope to see you there travis. if not your sick :nana