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Prius Driver

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by TamiJean, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. bwaahahahah i saw this on my ford excursion forum ... we had fun with it .. it is a forum member that i know :) his account of what happened was funny

  2. Is she wrong?

    It's more annoying when people post in the wrong sub forums....... where is the motorcycle?
  3. I bet she sniffs her own farts.
  4. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    About the Excursion being a polluting pig?
    Probably not (I drive an F-250.)

    About her, "clean," Prius?
    Oh, yeah, she's wrong.

  5. Yep.
  6. I think the dudes in a chev 2500 diesel because of the YouTube tags.

    Meh. She over reacted. He wasn't that close to her. Most people would have idled there and not thought twice.

    I'll be consuming 180 gallons of gas in 4 days timeframe in a month. I know, I'm a badass.
  7. LOL It was a diesel, he shoulda just laid on the gas an pumped out clouds of smoke that she could use to blow up her ass.
  8. That woman has a bad case of octorectalitis. That's caused by the eye nerves and the @sshole nerves being reversed, so she has a sh|tty outlook on life.

  9. I burn about 380 gallons per HOUR every day I'm at work.

  10. Airplane? Train? Heavy equipment? That sounds like a fun job whatever it is.
  11. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    I'm guessing a ferry...

    But anything that consumes that much fuel has got to be fun!


  12. Doh! You're probably right. Being a central eastsider I forget how many ferries there are on the westside. :evil4:
  13. Lucky you...
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  14. I may agree with some people having more vehicle than they need. (Yea I'm looking at you Busa owners.) But if she came up to me screaming her self righteous viewpoint, I would have just floored it and ran it pegged just below freeway speed until she passed out from the fumes.
  15. He should have lit up the tires and let her sniff that.

    I think there's consolation knowing the likelihood of her having a sex life is ZERO
  16. i got a environmental lesson from a prius driver at a gas station. telling me how his car gets better mileage and is more responsible and blah blah blah. Fuck prius owners they suck.
  17. What's wrong with a Busa....:stir:

    I am just waiting for some arrogant prick to try and lecture me on fuel mileage while driving my Challenger. Then I will tell them to go to hell and do a burn out. Leaving a large cloud of smoke from the molten rubber for them to breath.
  18. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    I want a Challenger! :shock:

    These people need to diaf. I actually own one of the new rare Prius C hatchbacks. I give zero shits about the air, I just enjoy the 59mpg I get on my commute. Not unlike riding a superbike, I've gotten a TON of shit because of asshole prius owners such as the above.
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