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Project; NSR 500

Discussion in 'Projects' started by nsrg500, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. It's time to get it back on the road. First things first, clean 3 years of dust off.
    Get them old ugly stickers off.
    That's better.
    This is NOT your regular NSR so it has to show it.:devil:
    Needs new pads for the all ALUM rotors:nana
    Need to replace the filters, get a new plate and tabs. Really needs new rubber but it'll have to wait for that.

    More updates to come.:thefinge:

    I know some the part on this thing are old. I put this together on 0$ budget back in the day.
    I'd love to up grade some of it, but for now it just needs to get back out in the sun shine.
    One day I'll up grade the body work, paint, replace the oil injection so I don't have to mix at the pump.
    Lots of little things I'd like to do.
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  2. Nice! Im sure it will be fun to go out and confuse all the new gen squids with that smoky goodness.
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  3. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    Hey Frank,

    YOU SUCK................... :) oh and by the way, I saw your buddy Ben on Saturday.. hehehehe
  4. THIS!!!!!!

    I love the stupid-ass comments- "Dude, why's yer bike smokin'?"

    From a DCSD at age 16 on my RZ350- "I'm going to black flag this bike until you get the motor fixed so it doesn't smoke."

    Me- "Um, it's a 2 cycle, you mix oil in with the gas."

    DCSD- "So don't put oil in the gas."

    Me- "If I don't mix oil in with the gas it'll blow the motor."

    DCSD- "That's your problem"

    Me- (under my breath) "You're a fucking idiot."

    DCSD- "Here's a fix-it ticket, get it fixed in 2 weeks or you won't be able to ride it."
  5. It's hopeless, don't bother fixing it up. I'll take it off your hands for you
  6. Oh yes! I soooo want one of those. 2 stroke goodness :mrgreen:
  7. Thanks gentle men.
    I like the " how can I get 4 pipes on my R6?" type questions.

    I use to have this out all the time 4 or so years ago. I think everyone has forgotten about it? Goody for me. This is my most prized possession. I have a ton of work in it and can't find another like it anywhere on the net.

    I just need to do some small stuff so I can put it around. I won't be riding it hard with these old ass tires, but it's still a blast.
    As a point of comparison. I drag raced a TL1000r and kept up fine with a slipping clutch.
    Also drag raced a Honda 954 with a GOOD rider on it. I stayed close up to about 3rd gear? Couldn't go flat out at the time. We raced 3 or 4 times. I can launch it for shit, so that was pretty good for me.

    P.S. Mikey, you suck!!
  8. And what about that GS1150? :mrgreen:
  9. You saw him first, he's your.

    P.S. You suck!!!
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  10. ???
    What do you mean?
    Just put new tires on it after 15 yrs. Up and going, works ......great, sort of.:mrgreen:

    I want a 1988-91 GSXR1100 for a two-upper/everyday rider. :thefinge: Maybe this winter/spring?
  11. like your choice/reference for bikes.sweet.
  12. I've been drooling over the black and red 91 1100 up in Mount Vernon on C.L.
    for a while now, but the new roof has to come first. I hate being a grown up!:rant
    I've got a few 100$ I need to put into the 500 before it's done.
    Then I'll have the rat bike.
    The super light for twisties.
    The two-up long hauler.
    That's all I need......and this T.V. guide

    P.S. Mikey you suck.
  13. How did you stumble across one of these? I did some googling and it apears that these were leased to race teams for large sums of cash. You have the holy grail of obscure 2-stroke race bikes. Very cool.
  14. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    You better google some more, it's not a race bike and it's not a production bike at all. It's a Honda street bike with a Suzuki street bike engine installed, neither of which were ever sold in this country.

    Very cool bike sir and nice craftsmanship! Do the alloy discs require special pads? I assume they are plasma coated or something?
  15. you need to bring that to the annual SFRC Two stroke ride in portland next year! They just had their ride recently. I'm sure you'll have plenty of admirers.

    beautiful bike. The only 500 i ever rode was a kawasaki 500 triple back in 1978, that thing was definitely a widow maker. I'm sure this one handles MUCH better.
  16. You are correct. It is an 1993 NSR250 with a 1986 GR500 motor swapped in.
    If it were a real factory NSR500 4 cylinder it would be worth 40-75K.
    I've not been able to fine one like it anywhere. It is a project of mine, not something anyone can buy.

    The rotors do require special pads. Just a special blend is all and the guy that makes the rotors, has the pads made.
    they are a composite of silicon carbide and alum. Never wear out, run cooler and are half the weight of stock. They where donated by Tom. He made the adapters for the big rotors too. Great guy.
    I'll post a link later.
  17. Never heard of a GR500. that must be one rare motor. :mfclap:

    and please don't tell me it's a GB500 and you've been **cking w/ us all along :evil4:
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  18. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    Hey Frank, I suck.... :)

    Oh but you knew that....

    Oh and YOU knew him first... Sorry. He just looked at me like. Oh you are the stupid motorcycle racer...
  19. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I think Simon probably found the NSR500 twin, which they did sell to qualified racers. I don't think Honda ever sold a 4 cylinder NSR500?

    Here is the closest thing I could find, but I did remember seeing almost the same combo in an old brit bike mag? This is a Suzuki RGV250 with an RG500 motor, but I think they spent a lot more than you did?

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