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PSSR at ORP! June 2, 3

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by HellsAlien, May 9, 2012.

  1. Time to hit the roller coaster ride at Oregon Raceway Park, June 2 & 3, Saturday CW, and Sunday CCW! Can't wait, woot! :mfclap:

  2. Never rode with pssr, but im on the fence for this, is the fast group filling up? I rode the ridge this past weekend but I still miss orp, #1 for ccw
  3. Go, go, go! :mrgreen:

    I'll miss you guys this time, have fun!
  4. I always have fun at orp:mrgreen: wish you guys were going
  5. Just signed up, looking forward to riding with pssr
  6. Well heck, if Dave's in I better be there to keep him from going to jail :popcorn:. Heading to sign up now!

  7. At least save me a spot, far far away:scared
  8. Oh how I wish it wasnt a race weekend so I could come and burn laps AROUND you Dave!:nana
  9. AROUND@AROUND@AROUND@AROUND:thefinge::thefinge::thefinge:
  10. Around, around, around and around, that's all it is Mr Dave until you come out and race with us. Track daze.........................RACING!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'd give Dave the nod on CCW. Somebody buy him a ZX6R!
    May see ya at the ranch? I"ll bring that old 2 fiddy ;-)
  12. I thought you were going for sure:scratchea, I need my 09 for a track bike:scared would love to see the 2fidy
  13. I might make it Dave, it's a little far out to say for sure right now. PSSR runs a solid event, you will have a good time for sure!
  14. Got a room at the house and totaly ready for this:mrgreen:eek:rp rocks
  15. Reaching for wallet, waiting for weather forecast...
    Does PSSR run 3 groups? Would be so fun with an A/B group...Mo' track time!
  16. I'ts the desert, and global warming:mrgreen:I believe 3 groups, looks like the A group is first:scratchea
  17. Yes, we go A group out first, then B then C through the hour.

    Only 2 days left to get early rate and discount rate.

    I agree, gaming weather on the east side is kinda moot point, ORP is the dry side and we picked this weekend so it will be warmer than May dates.
  18. Weather is looking promising! Any other takers on the ranch house party/campfire? I'm looking forward to tweeking Dave's fork clickers while he sleeps soundly in the bear room. That should slow him down a bit :mrgreen:
    BBQ sat night? Should be there about 4pm...
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