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Question about braking over bumps

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by trav87, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. There was a situation where a rider had to hard brake just after hitting a decent size bump (close to 3 or 4 inches) on a r/r crossing. The bump was bigger than expected due to the panels that transition from r/r to pavement flop about and dip down with weight on them.
    The two shiny ones in the picture below.


    This picture shows how little distance between the r/r and light, as well as a different view of the panels in the road.


    As a result the front end washed out during braking due to what I would think as the suspension being unsettled and not being able to maintain full traction while braking. Judging by the amount of skid marks present, this isn't the safest intersection...
    How would someone explain the change in suspension and traction forces to say an attorney, insurance agent, or transportation official who doesn't have any motorcycle background, or any common sense for that mater lol
    The rider isn't looking to get rich, but rather to get the problem with that crossing fixed, and maybe the damages to the bike covered.

    It seems Euro bikes are spendy to fix :scared so I will stick to the Jap bikes :popcorn:
  2. There are a of of skid marks that start before the tracks. So it looks like people are trying to stop for a light that they see too late. The light in the picture looks like it is easily seen. Anything there not obvious from the picture?

  3. What is the speed limit on that road?

    I hate to burst your bubble but that stop looks like it could be made no problem even at 45mph.

    But then again I don't ride the latest and greatest race track suspended bike with fancy brakes. 96 VFR would be my worst stopping steed. I could see a race bread bike being stiffly valved and sprung in such a way that could cause a rather harsh bump.
  4. It does suck that rail crossings are so rough sometimes but that is to be expected. I am always up off the seat for crossing them and watching for the nasty holes.

    It does like like that is 3-4 car lengths from the crossing to the stop line. Hard to tell with the camera lens. So 40.5' to 54' to stop.
  5. I automatically slow down when riding over crossings, but I speed up when I see a yellow light.
  6. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    You should reduce braking force as you cross questionable surfaces, then re-apply as you return to good traction. Same goes for lean angle through a turn, reduce, then lean back in.
  7. Yes, there is about 3 car lengths, speed limit is around 45 I think. The incident occurred when two cars panicked braked for the red light, thus reducing that 40 to 50 foot braking zone down to around 20'. Picture doesn't show it, but those tracks are at the end of a corner, and the lights aren't clearly visible, not to mention the first picture is taken around the end of the intersection for a different light. Video footage of the crossing shows the majority of the r/r's transition panels are loose and malfunctioning.
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