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Question for 'tard riders.

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by SAMIboarder, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I am considering making the switch from sportbike to SM. I've only owned sportbikes thus far (about a decade's worth) and I think I am ready for a new experience. I guess my question is this: is it worth considering building up your own starting with a street-legal dual sport for cost savings, or should one just stick with the versions that were factory produced?

    I've noticed that almost all manufacturers of SM bikes have discontinued that line for whatever reasons. I'm hoping this doesn't make the used market for 'tards too artificially inflated (or would it be non-artificially?) It seems like a shame, I thought the category was gaining momentum over the years, not losing it.

    I'm posting this up in this sub-section of the forum because I would also like to get some takes on what it is like to own a SM around this area. Might be a little limited on responses, I'm not sure how many are around here. Do you find them at all limiting when you need to make freeway trips or just go longer distances? What kind of range do most go on a tank of fuel? Thanks for any replies, I'll keep thinking about it.
  2. There are a ton of them around Oly.

    Not sure I would get rid of the sport bike. If you can have both that is the ultimate way to go. It's what I did.

    The highway trips would be more limited on a SM. At least in my case it is. I get 70-80 miles on a tank depending on how I ride. The main thing you would want to think about is what kind of vibration would you get while riding down the highway. On mine it would be brutal. Around town the SM is sooooo much more fun than the sport bike. You can go anywhere without having to worry.

  3. Street legal being a consideration I would think of the KTM 690's, still work on the highway and supermoto style. You will give in the weight dept. but vibes and on the open road will be much better and you will appreciate the extra motor for the highway.
  4. I hear that. I would much prefer to have more than one bike, but as of right now its just not realistic. I'm not too worried about freeway distance riding either, I don't often get the motivation to slab it for several hours on the daytona as it is. Having the option would be nice however. I swear I need at least 3 bikes to be happy, ha.

    I used to be a motorcycle tech, so riding to work was kind of expected to a certain degree, and there were group rides every week and this 'n that. Nowadays I just don't see myself commuting to work on the daytona much, never if it rains. A 15 minute ride doesn't seem worth breaking it out. Which leaves maybe 2-3 weekends a month that could see some action. My thoughts were a SM would make a decent commuter (rain or shine even), plus be able to have fun on weekends. Hopefully leading to more riding.

    BusaDave, what KTM do you have?
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  5. need both is the real answer....i sold my street bike to get a tard.. i had to get a street bike again after 1 summer..i missed out on some good rides and didnt want to go threw it again
  6. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    well. having 2 or 3 is the only answer...i completely thank my g/f for the leniency as she has yet to tell me enough, is enough
    owning a factory sm, and building a couple MX bikes into SM's

    you cannot beat an SM in town, it just flat out doesnt get any easier..
    dont get me wrong, i LOVE my streetbikes, have to get out of town before they get "fun"....'tards are a hoot the second you leave your driveway.

    as far as mileage- the DRZ gets about 85-90 before i start worrying about fuels, my WR426 id worry at 40miles as it was 1.75 SMR ill think about the same as its just shy of 2 gallons.

    the "larger" SM's (625smc, 630 huskys) will do freeway better, but not tolerable for more than say 35mins for most as they vibrate A LOT (given the single cyl)

    the "smaller" SM's (400-560) though some have 6speeds you wont want to commute on them, when a car passes you at 60mph 250lbs gets squirrely ..

    as far as cost- thats an open ended question as there is SO many answers depending on what YOU want....we can get into that later.

    that being said, feel free to come out and ride either my DRZ, or my SMR (around the block "ish" and get a feel for it....

    imagine sitting upright on a 2x4, 230-250lbs and really doesn't get much better in "town"

    and get a line on a good chiropractor, your neck is gonna get tired of looking at "alternate routes"...i.e. stairs, foot bridges, alleys, sidewalks.
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  7. Wouldn't consider a street triple?
  8. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    lol, shameless
  9. ^ I know street triples are awesome, I was a triumph tech for a few years. That bike feels so light on its feet, and does give some extra comfort vs. a daytona for sure. But like I said I think I am ready for a different riding experience, and a street3 is quite similar to what I have. Not saying I want to go "hooligan" it up everywhere, but there have been a couple times lately where I would like to check out some roads or areas that I don't feel comfortable bringing the daytona.

    When it gets practical to own more than one bike again, I will definitely be looking in the slightly more up-right sports bike territory.
  10. I is Sanz shame ;-)

    I totally get the desire for change but from the other things you mentioned I thought dual sport shoes on a Street3 would be a good option for a single bike.

    You know you are going to miss the triple :evil4: I was really tempted by the Tiger800 but it just didn't have enough character to trade the Daytona
  11. I was wondering how the tiger 800 was going to turn out. haven't been on one. I was hoping it would have been just like the 1050, just about to 80% scale on everything. The 1050 is a cool bike, but a little tall and cumbersome for a 5'8 160lb guy like me.

    Here's another question. Are there any group rides around these parts? I'm from bellingham, and there were a fantastic group of people up there to ride with.
  12. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    For me....

    I did a couple track days and my sport bike really wasn't that much fun to ride on the street anymore.... I bought my DRZ400sm and my gsxr600 sat in the garage for about 6mo.

    For the price that you can get a used DRZsm its pretty hard to go wrong. Shelbyguy hit the nail on the head about the fun you can have on a sumo...I have fun riding it in my yard. Riding 400 miles on the sm felt pretty much the same to me as riding 400 miles on my gsxr.

    For me the only reason I would build a sumo would be for track only or to have a xr650. There are so many great options on factory supermotos, I couldn't see building one.

    This area is perfect for an sm, we have great fireroads, tight twisties and and everything in between.

    The only loss I have truly felt moving from sportbike to sm is not being able to go over 100mph, and well thats kinda kept me outta trouble lol.
  13. Right on, thanks for weighing in. I have known a couple people to do several hundred mile trips on weekends on a sumo, so at least I know its possible, even if not ideal. I just want to ride MORE. Was really hoping to hit some track days on the daytona (only ever hit one), but over the past couple years it just seems like you need so much free time, or at least a very understanding boss. Plus a truck or trailer would be nice, which I don't have.

    Ya hitting 100plus mph was fun once. Just gets less thrilling with age or something...

    On a side note, I did see a wr250x on the freeway today riding 2 up at about 70. Made me say hmm? No they were not at all fat people.
  14. I get way more use out my SM than my R1. I commute on the DRZ daily and have no problems at all on the freeway.
  15. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    Might be selling mine. Bummer. I miss having a sport bike, but might have to sell my SM at this point too. Just be really sure you are ready for it. Both are a lot of fun, that's for sure.
  16. Oh SM's are fun :mfclap: Like Shelbyguy said "right out of the driveway" hehe. Yes going down the freeway it is more work on your body but do able. We used to do 300 to 500 mile rides with everything tossed in on the ride.

    Take Shelbyguy up on his offer to ride his :mrgreen: If I was closer you could take mine out but mine is not plated :shock:

    When PGP opens back up for us please come out and see the fun. You are more than welcome to try mine out :mfclap:

    Oh... as to the gas question.... My old DRZ400SM at 90 miles I would be looking for a gas station ;) My KTM i'm not sure how far it would go. I get 3 15 min practice sessions in before I need to add fuel ;)
  17. 625 SMC. If you want to get together and check it out let me know.
  18. Indeed. I'd like see what kind of fun you can have on a small track like that. Is that the only small track that has been open to SM's around here?

    I really appreciate the offers to check out some rides Dave & Shelby. I may take you up on it, just not sure when. I will be going out of town this weekend.
  19. big tracks are open to sm... depending on what size you get big track could be a lack of fun
  20. A motard compliments a sport bike very well. Every way a sport bike sucks, the motard kicks ass. Every way a motard sucks, the sport bike kicks ass. I would recommend adding a motard first, and seeing how long the sport bike sits before you decide to sell it or not.
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