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Questionable quality on Shoei RF-1100 aftermarket shields???

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by JaredWilske6185, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I just bought my ShoeiRF-1100 and am looking into shields. I'm noticing a huge price difference between the knock off eBay shields and the oem shoei ones (I know I know, you get what you pay for). My question is, has anybody had experience with the stock vs aftermarket lenses? Am I just buying the shoei name for the extra 50 bucks or is there really a difference in quality?
  2. I bought the orange Shoei shield for my old RF-1100. It was perfect. You do get what you pay for.... and it's a pretty cheap part anyway.

  3. I sure as hell aint rich but I wouldn't purchase a knock off shield. Why?
    Arai, Shoei, Suomy and Shark have worked very hard to provide the clearest shield they can for one reason.
    Advance warning keeps us out of trouble and even slightly blury vision allows things to creep croser to you before you react.
    Do not take vision lightly when on a bike!

    But in the end do what you want it's America. Everybody has their own opinions.
  4. Go with the Shoei pin-lock. You can then get different inserts for it and it takes care of any fog issues. The wife and I both have them in our helmets and love them. Anyone else I run across with them are equally as fond of them.
  5. +1 on the pin lock, it will fog up without one
  6. I bought one of the tinted knock off shields. The only down side to it is the detents aren't as strong as the original shield. If you try to leave the shield cracked open a bit for ventilation, the knock off shield will close when you reach 30-40mph.
  7. Never hurts to try, but don't buy it because you need it, buy it to try it so that if its junk you still have a good one handy.... One of the best shields I ever had came with a $99 helmet, a G-max 68S. Sometimes there are great values out there but you'll never find them unless you try some things out every once in awhile...
  8. So it seems like the best option is the stock clear pinlock shields with a tinted insert?
  9. What insert do you run?
  10. Vision IS the key here!! I ponied UP for the REAL deal WITH the Pinlock... Clear as a bell - and NO fog!!
    I run a Clear shield with a Clear insert- and then wear my Rx shades underneath - Clearest way I have SEEN yet -
    Keep in mind that I am an Eye Doc!! Vision is my business!!
    Hope that helps...
    (edit: I am running a RF1000 - High vis YELLOW!!)
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  11. Dont forget about smash resistance of a "oem" style sheild vs a knock off..
    I will bet you that a shoei sheild will withstand a rock smashing better then a cheap knock off..... dont ask me how I know because it hurt and I dont remember it very well.....
  12. +1 on the pinlock. I use a clear shield with a light smoke insert and it works perfectly in bright sunlight or overcast. I used to go clear/clear with sunglasses, but had issues with polarity screwing up my peripheral vision.
  13. I run the amber insert, but I am not sold on it. I have issues on sunny days when I hit shaded corners (luckily sunny days are not the norm around here). I have read others have this problem as well, however I have not seen any magic bullet solution so far. I am planning on trying out some other inserts, but have been to lazy to order any :angry7:.

    Jeff how does your set up work when transitioning from sunny to shade (most importantly in the turns)?
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  14. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    As in you can't quite see? I've had numerous RF-1000 with spectra and tinted shields and this is one thing that I've found out, alternating between shade and sunlight, I can't see that well.
  15. The light smoke insert is the best solution I've found so far for the transition from sun to shade and back again. A couple of years ago I tried the orange insert and on a run from the Ranger station down to Cougar it was actually scary how blinded I'd get at times. The light smoke one is 1000x better in that respect than the orange insert for me. Better than clear/clear with sunglasses too.
  16. another +1 for the pinlock light smoke insert. In 35 degree moist weather it will fog right at my nose after about an hour. The fog spot stays about the size of a quarter. So unless you plan on riding Dec-Feb yours will never fog.
  17. Like you I purchased light smoke, dark smoke, spectra and found the same thing. I even went with a Pinlock for a while. I didn't like the Pinlock on the CX-1V shield because I found my peripheral vision getting a little messed up by the location of the pins. The new RF-1100 and X-12 have a bigger shield and I've heard the pinlock isn't in the way nearly as much. Now I'm back to a clear shield in a group ride or a clear shield and Revo shades underneath for cruising.

    If you really want a shield to protect your eyes you should check out Shark helmets. Some of their shields are very thick.
  18. Yep I can't quite see, as in it seems to mess with my depth perception. It caused me to turn in too early once up on Larch Mountain.

    I think I will order a light smoked one like Jeff runs and see how it works.
  19. The sunglasses that you where under ANY shield should NOT be polarized...
    Turns out that when you "bend" the polycarbonate shield to fit you your helmet it actually produces a random polarized effect with-in the shield - combine that with polarized sunglasses and you get to see all sorts of COOL things!! :scared

    Your results may vary!!
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