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Rain + Leaves + Brakes = .....

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Y Five, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Ambulance ride and a bruised femur :| Just a reminder be DAMN careful when riding in the rain.

    (what happened) Was heading into campus to drop off my buddies phone figured no big deal Ive ridden in the rain lots of times. I cross the train tracks on 15th and the car in front of me stops for a cross walk I begin to brake but there was no response and I was still heading toward the car at about 25. the front begins to wobble and I felt I wasn't going to stop before I hit the car so I decided to ditch the bike and hope for the best :/. needless to say she slid into the cars bumped which destroyed the plastics. I laid there for a couple of seconds in disbelief of what had just happened and tried to get up but the was a sharp pain in my hip so I laid back down. long story short I got my first ride in an ambulance and first time ever using pain meds.

    Call me stupid or whatever you want, short of not riding in the rain I cant think of anything I could have done to save her :(

  2. Dude, that sucks a lot. hope you heal up quick.

  3. Could be worse, get her back together in time for the sun!
  4. Forgot to mention if anyone in the corvallis area happens to have any fairings for a 2007 R6s or 05 R6 I am currently looking for some ;)
  5. Sorry you crashed. Really important to watch for things on the roads this time of year especially when it's raining.
    So from your description it sounds like you locked the rear for a bit and then the front right before it hit the deck on you?
  6. sounds about right, it didnt feel like I hit the rear that hard but when theres wet leaves it didnt really matter. I actually kept her up and straight I just figured the concrete was softer than the back of the car :/
  7. that sucks man, back when i road in the rain more this would happen maybe once each season. car would stop suddenly and i would be all locked up. what saved me so many times is aiming my bike for the shoulder/side of the vehicle so i would end up looking in there passenger side windows. then its a quick :thefinge: and i'm off again.

    I feel for your pain, your bike looks exactly like mine too..... shame it got hit with the ugly stick.

    you can get full fairing set online for like $600 cash, then its just looking for new headlight and hope your cluster is still in good shape.

    any frame/brake/engine/wheel damage from this?
  8. That sucks dude.

    The Hewlett Packard campus is pretty bad this time of year. The yard crews rake the leaves into the street and leave them for the street sweepers which don't come for weeks at a time.
  9. Man, that there looks painful.

    I hope you heal up quickly.
  10. None that I can see.
  11. I saw this bike sitting in the parking lot today. Sorry to hear what happened. I live a block from the tracks and cross them at 13th every day... dangerous stuff with all the leaves. Hope you get well soon.

    By the way, I see you're on the SAE team. Last year I'd always hear that CRF450 powered monster ripping around the parking lot and I'd have to check it out. Cool stuff.
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  12. Post another Thread stating ur looking for the parts. When I got my 05 gsxr I posted one saying what I needed and withing a week someone came up with a hole OEM plastic kit for me and even swapped me tanks as the plastic didnt match my tanks. People here really try to help out
  13. Looks like the frame sliders did their job! :mfclap:

    Glad you didn't break your femur! What is a bruised femur though? I've had some bruises on my thighs since August, slowly going away, wondering if I did the same thing?
  14. and now you know, go slower in the rain. glad you didn't break anything on you, bruises are way better than breaks and the bike is fixable so it coulda been worse
  15. You should spend more time posing at starbucks in good weather, this is what riding in the rain gets you. I bought partial new plastics for my GSXR, if they survive the winter and spring, I'll probably go ahead and paint them.
  16. Doc said I bruised the bone :/ if you still have bruise from august you might want to get checked out that doesn't sound right...

    I went and check the damage in the light today and looks like I might be ok. Sliders saved the side fairings and the cluster is still intact so there's some money saved but all the front and headlights are done. Was going to try and move it but GF took my bike key without me knowing. New front fairings, headlights and exhaust and she'll be good as new....I hope.
  17. Bummer you crashed and bust up your bike. It's a little know fact that really wet leaves melt down into a poorman's BBQ sauce. Leave plenty of room in front of you because I bike doesn't have the braking stability of a car in those conditions. Next time if you can't stop go round. A stopped car can't avoid you but a pedestrian or car coming the other way can.
  18. Hope you heal soon - it could've been worse. I hate driving along roads with with wet leaves; slippery as hell...
    My $0.02 - plenty of distance in front of you during the miserable weather....
  19. On/near campus there's not much room to go around - there is usually a ton of foot/bike/skateboard traffic going every which way in the bike lanes, across the road, wrong way down one way street, etc. Fucking idiots. I wouldn't count on some nitwit coming from the other direction to avoid me. Elementary school kids are better at crossing roads than college kids!! :roll:

    (disclosure: yes, I was faculty - until recently :mfclap:)
  20. And yes - one more thing - a lot easier said than done but if you come across a car that turns right in front of you or comes to a halt in front of you, try to keep your eye on the space around the car (preferably the side that has more road space... ) and dont fixate on the car itself...
    Like I said - a lot lot easier said than done - something I silently keep on reminding myself whenever I see a 4wheeler ready to join the road at any intersection :pale:....
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