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Rattle can paint

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by ride57, May 26, 2012.

  1. This is my "new" rattle can paint job. Originally I was going to have a guy from work paint it for me. But then the wife got laid off from work, so I ended up just spraying it black.

    I was at wallyworld yesterday and saw "Rust-Oleum Textured Metallic" paint:evil4:





    total cost?

    $6 :mfclap:
  2. Nice! Who needs a whole bunch of shiny bits! I think it looks cool!8)

  3. Hey that actually looks pretty good! Slap some decals on it, and you can't tell the difference! (In pictures anyway)

    I would have said "Good enough for government work!" But that actually looks better!:mfclap:

    Side note: what kind of wheels are those? They're bad-A!
  4. Looks good.
    Also, +1 about the sick wheels.
    Now you need some wheels for your car so you can take those hubcaps off!
  5. Thats a real nice job man. How long did it take you to do the whole bike? Im thinking about doing the same thing but possibly a different color.
  6. I don't know if you've polished/waxed it yet, but it could turn out even better if you put some nice clearcoat over it, even the spray stuff works well.

    It just needs a light sand on the under layer, the primer, the paint and then clear if you choose... It doesn't take long at all to rattle can a bike. Maybe 2 hours or so if you want tons of layers.
  7. hmmmm, i might look into doing it that way.
  8. gloss and some wet sanding will make it look new...unless your going for flat-ish. looks pretty good though!
  9. dirtyduc these are Carrozzeria wheels

    Its a textured paint, so I don't think wax would work. I am sort of wondering how hard it will be to clean when it gets dirty. :scratchea
    I should try some clear coat, I know they make it in a can.

    It took a few hours, ( I rattle canned primer and paint about a year ago) So all I did was light sanding and spray. I left the front fairing on and taped off the windscreen. I taped off the seat instead of taking it off.

    It took just one can, with a little left over.
  10. I'd like to rattlecan my bike too but am worried about gas spray eating the paint and paint coming off when cleaning the bugs off it. any suggestions from others with the same paint job?
  11. Looks nice! I recently painted my track bike. I cleared it with Krylon clear enamel, and at the first track day proceeded to spill gas all over the tank! It promptly removed the clear coat and a bit of the color coats in a split second. I quickly grabbed some paper towels and tried to wipe the gas off, and it just turned into a big gooey mess. So, I did some research and found some stuff from Eastwood, that is a two-part epoxy clear in a can! It's 22 bucks a can, but sprays on very easily, and is gasoline resistant. I have even tested it, and so far, so good! I would recommend at least doing your tank with it.
  12. I recently used some Belton Molotow spray paint to paint my track bike. Awesome stuff, tons more solids than any other spray paint I've ever used. The clear is good stuff too. I bought mine from Art Primo in Seattle, after having Rustoleum wrinkle up and turn to crap on me. If you're going to use spray paint, use this stuff. The high-pressure "premium plus" cans are so awesome. No issues with cleaning, and gas spills aren't damaging as long as it's cleaned up promptly.
  13. Where can I purchase this eastwood two part product? Remember its specific name?
  14. Forget the bike, is that a 59 or 60 T-bird?
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  16. anyone have experience with smoking headlights? I had my SV's taillight smoked and it looked amazing but was done in a professional shop. I saw a corvette with smoked headlights and it looked sweet.
  17. 59 Tbird. Pretty much all the suspension parts are new. I replaced front/rear springs, control arm bushings, tie rods, shocks, ball joints etc.

    2 new pistons, rings, crank/rod bearings, cam, timing chain and gears, lifters.

    New holly carb. 2 months ago, the old carb caught fire and burned the carb, air cleaner and some plug wires.

    The fire is why I rattle canned it black. RAT RODS FTMFW :devil:

    I also just ordered some of that clearcoat. :mrgreen:
  18. This is the stuff I used. Supposedly, it goes over ANY surface without it wrinkling! I was really impressed by how hard the stuff got, and only in a couple of hours. The Krylon clear was still soft after a couple of days, and the fuel still took the topcoats off after a couple of weeks. Oh, after you activate the internal chamber, you only have about 12 hours to use it before it sets up in the can.
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