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RC51 Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RC51, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Purists and haters be damned. Using the PVM Viper as motivation I have sold off all the parts from my pristine, never been down, 2003 RC51 and have started my build. All of this build is funded by selling off the minty bodywork and a few other things. Some of the posts might not make sense as they were posted on another board starting a few days ago.

    Here is what she looked like a few weeks ago before the part out. Nevermind the crappy track tank, the nice one was on the shelf tucked neatly away.


    Mid part out:

  2. Cleared out the subframe and labeled everything with my handy label maker.

    About 30 minutes after staring tonight:


    Couldn't help but see what the exhaust might look like. The cans will be shortened down about 6 inches from this:



  3. After a couple more beers, and more label making, this is where she sits:

  4. Still figuring out where all the electronics stuff will be located. I've gotten some ideas and stuff from dstewart's builds. The battery will be below the front header, but everything else is still up in the air. I've given some thought to mounting the ECU behind the left hand frame spar that goes to the lower mount. I think it will probably get too hot and get toasted there. I can't have it mounted to the outside of the frame, as it will be exposed and look like shit. Only other options I see are: place it under the seat or down where the battery will be since the battery will be a smaller lithium unit. I think under the seat will be best as I don't want all those wires running down to where the battery is.

    Hopefully parts will start arriving next week. So far I have the following on order:
    Front mounts
    Yamaha XT660R headlight/cowling/windscreen and other stuff
    Bar clamps
    Speedo healer (the Jim Ahlman unit was just another big thing to hide)
    cbr1000rr tail and seat cowl
    thorsten frame sliders
    Better shape fuel tank that will still need some work, but it is better than the white one.

    I am still debating about which tail I want to use. The cbr is the one that the viper has, but I don't know how it will look with the larger oval sato cans. I have been giving some thought to using a ducati 1098/848 tail as well. I think it will probably look much better and fit the RC's fat ugly tank better than the cbr unit. I have also thought about an mv agusta tail, but they are ridiculously expensive and harder to find.

    Thoughts and input is always welcome.
  5. Some new parts arrived today. The piles are starting to get bigger. I need to get my ass into gear with the rewiring....

    Radiators and tyga hugger, mini reservoirs and bump pad courtesy of Glenn at Tygausa. I think I got the underhung bracket from him about two years ago! Finally scored a brand new ducati caliper for it a few months back. Shift kit is off wibbly's bike.


    I actually found the headlight from searching for "XT660R headlight for sale forum", and found a classifieds ad from may of 2011 from a guy in the UK on some random forum. Joined that forum and sent the guy an email. He actually still had all of it brand new, still in the box sitting in his garage. He had just finished cleaning out his spare parts and this stuff was going on eBay the next day before I emailed him. Totally worth every penny, but you don't even want to know how much all this cost.

  6. A little background:

    After a long night filled with beers and talk of motorcycles with a good friend who I am helping rebuild a superhawk with. He is kind of going the opposite way and ditching the cheap Chinese fairings that the previous owner put on (his bike was badly neglected) and replacing them with Mario Nava fairings from Italy. He's adding stuff and I'm taking it away :D

    It is still hard to look at pictures of fully faired RC51's, but I know that ten years from now, I'll still be able to buy another one if I'd like. But building something that nobody else has, that is something that can't be replaced by a search on Craigslist or cycle trader. I just finally said fuck it, I'll own this bike for as long as I can by choice. Might as well make it mine.
  7. Made a little progress the other night. Mocked up the rads and the headlight. I am waiting on a bunch of stuff to arrive. I just ordered bars and BRP Scotts sub mount so I can move the clipons, then I can make brackets for the headlight. I had ordered some standard clamps, but I don't think they will look right with the risers, but I'll keep them in case I ditch the scotts damper.

    Anybody have a recommendation for a place to purchase AN fittings and hose? Or specific brands to purchase or stay away from? I need to get that stuff on order for the oil and fuel lines. I know places like summit and jegs carry all of it, just not sure if there are better/cheaper places out there.

    I've been having dirty thoughts of cutting down one can and having a short exit on the right side like the 08+ CBR and R6's. Not too sure on that yet. Going to have to see what the tail would look like. Might have to go with a minimal tail like the 08+ CBR. Would make things much easier and cheaper in the exhaust department, and give me more room in the tail. It would be loud as shit, that's for sure.

    Teaser pic from the other night:

  8. Your cannibalizing a perfectly good rc51!!!

  9. Thought you do this to bikes that had been laid over lol.
  10. Hence the first sentence of the first post. If I wanted another perfectly good RC51, I can get on any number of sites and have one within a few hours. This one will be mine, like no other.

    I really want to start riding it more on the street, and the RC isn't great for that. This also gives me motivation to get something else for the track, probably a 600 or a 250.

    Yeah, I thought about pushing it over first, but that seemed like a waste of money. All the bodywork, exhaust and a few other things netted me about $2500 to play with.
  11. HELL YES, Pass the blowtorch..

    I'm liking the stealth look with the headligh/tank combo.

    My TL1000s is about to undergo the same knife..

    It's had many different iterations since I bought it in 1999.




    Thinking it should look like this:




  12. <---expects pm's about stock parts for sale since I've had to sell all my spares.
  13. Very interested to see the progress on this bike. I really dig that headlight.
  14. Nice work so far...subscribed!! Rock that bike the way YOU love it, it is your bike after all. The end result will be unique and you built it!

  15. Right on man. I agree with the first sentence of this thread.
  16. Thanks for the words of encouragement. The budget is already getting pretty tight. I think some stuff that was going to get powder coated will have to get painted for now. I think the short exhaust will also become a reality for the time being.

    Yeah, most of the stock stuff is gone already. I think the right headlight is the last thing left other than some small stuff. I'll let you know if I put anything else up on the block.
  17. Just makes my RC51 that much more expensive in the re-sale department, looks good tho.. sorta.. to each their own..
  18. Cool! Can't wait to see it finished
  19. Yeah sorry I couldn't resist after reading the first sentence haha.
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