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RE: BIKE NIGHT THURS 6-20 Coco Kenny's

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Thumperpilot, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. So, I'm gonna call it at Coconut Kenny's.
    Being there's only a few nice days this summer, lets meet up there.


    Get some food or come by and chat.

    WE WILL BE ON rain or shine (it will shine), and no matter how many peeps show!!!:mfclap:

    See y'all there~!
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  2. June 20th? I might hop on the DRz tomorrow night and stop by, just in case you meant 9-20
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  3. Ya, dyslexia or something there... Yea, tomorrow. In the Sun. Riding.
  4. crackup:

    In :mrgreen:
  5. I want to come, but I can't.
  6. I might just make this one, seeing how I've never been to a bike night and this might be my last summer in whatcom county for a while.
  7. what should I do?......should I go...or stay home and watch the clock?........

    I guess I should go,as watching the clock, is not much fun!....:tard:

  8. Your name ain't watchwatcher. So if you aren't watchmaking you should be watchriding
  9. Well heck, Sorry I missed out all. Working on that car engine all day killed my back and the ride up woulda killed me off. Was kinda dark @ 6:30, :x
  10. Good times, pics.... tomorrow. I'm tired.
  11. Well, there's still a chance that we could have another still this month... Weather was great, and so was the food.

    I'm not parking the bike before the Oyster Run!
  12. a pic of the large turn out last night!....
  13. Nice to make another one of these, great to meet you guy's. Good beer and food, maybe if the rain doesn't start we can do next week at Kulshan?
    Dave & Leah
  14. so what happened?...over sleep again?????crackup:
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