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Re: Motorcycle Scratch Remover?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by F4i, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Can anyone recommend a polish/ scratch remover that they've used that works for light scratches? I'm personally kind of paranoid when it comes to scratches & if there's a quick fix for < $30 ideally then that would be awesome! For now I'd just like to fill in some light scratches on my gloss black helmet.
  2. I'll bring some over someday and a polisher.

  3. For light scratches, I typically use 3M rubbing/polishing compound. Had to take some gunk off my fairings a while back and the solvent I used softened the paint enough that my soft cloth gouged out some swirly scratches. Let it re-harden for a day, and hit it with polishing compound and a hand-pad.

    Costs like $5 for a small(ish) bottle.
  4. Well I guess the helmet is not that bad, but rather my bike's still scratched up from the last time I downed her.

    Let me know if you think the meguiar will be an appropriate quick fix to lessen* the scratch marks.
  5. bring it by after work sometime this week. i will fix it for a sixer.

    i have done this a time or twenty.


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