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Red Light Cameras in Yakima

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by drtomm, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. HELP...can anyone tell me if there are any red light cameras in Yakima???
    Thanx for any info...
    tom m:scratchea
  2. seems like the talks of installing them were thrown out.. the talks that is.

    a red light camera search page does not list yakima as one of the states..

    but who knows?

  3. haha now that would be funny

    #1: half the population is illegal and stops on greens and goes on reds anyhow
    #2: the crackheads would climb up and steal them

    seriously though, they werent there last time i was over and as a general rule they nail ya for 5 over on the freeways and are pretty lax everywhere else
  4. Don't run red lights then you won't need to worry bout it
  5. it wasnt red i swear it was pink officer. and when i see pink i go!
  6. Red light Camera or Red Light District? cause its less that half a block long lol
  7. Nope no red light cams in Yakima.

    The cameras that are on most of our intersections now are actually the operating system for the lights. There are very few induction-loop triggered lights left here.

    I like the optical-trigger lights, because they almost ALWAYS pick up bikes, no matter how small or how plastic. If one lags, I've found that flashing my high-beam can sometimes "Wake it up". And if there's one that regularly doesn't seem to be picking you up, let me know, and I'll pass the word on to my buddy who works in the signals dept. see if they can adjust the sensitivity or something. :mrgreen:
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