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Rentals in Seattle area?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by fmx, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of any places in the area (within 50 miles) that offer rentals. I found a harley place (not interested) and one other but they don't offer much. I'd love to grab something and take it for a spin around whidbey. Doubt I'll be getting something of my own to ride before April. Thanks.
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  2. Try the Sound rider site..they would have a list of any place that offers MC rentals.

  3. i've checked all links on this page - so only BMW and HD are present, one kawasaki and one honda)
    But maybe anybody know about motorcycle with sidecar - rentals?
    I'm looking for such, I even decided to try to find somebody thru my post on craigslist in seattle within 70miles is on CL post
    I don't plan offroad trips - thats' just for short rides in neighborhood on weekend - this rides for my kids - that's why bike with sidecar :)
    Maybe I can find Ural-owner on this forum, and we can reach agreement, i hope so.

    Thanks :)
  4. An M1 license doesn't cut it for sidecars.

    There's a separate class of endorsement for those, and probably another $25.
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