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Reputable mechanic needed in the Northgate area

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Fat Berries, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. My step daughter going to college in the Northgate area has a fairly decent car that is having some sort of sensor/electrical problem. I need to get her car into a reputable shop like tomorrow if possible. Any help from the Westsiders will be greatly appreciated. If you know of a good shop or mechanical please post up. Thank in advance.


  2. 2004 chevy cavalier 2 door sport. check engine light keeps coming on and it just doesnt start sometimes, whe nit runs it runs real solid. seems to me it may be a sensor issue, but i need to get it checked out.
  3. Take it to Autozone and have them read the codes from the computer..Sounds like could be a camshaft sensor...You could change that yourself.

    I've been taking my cars here for the last few years and have been pretty happy. They won't do any work they don't think is necessary and have actually talked me out of stuff. It's a few exits up the road, but right off the freeway.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads


    Local forum guy, great mechanic, nice dude. PM him.
  6. Fuel pump? Or pump relay?
  7. I'll go with TrailBoss on this. Send a PM to Andre1000. Great guy, and knowledgable mechanic. If Andre isn't available, try taking it to the shop I used to use. It's just up in Northgate, cross 99. I'll have to look up the name of it, but it's owned and run by a guy named Dodge. He's a great mechanic with a great shop as well. But definately look up Andre first. He'll come to where you're at if you can't get the car to move.
  8. excellent guys thank you very much
  9. Wow, Thanks guys. As for Fat B, He contacted me. I'll take care of him.
  10. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    i know some shops in everett let me know if that helps
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