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Review: Motorcycle Rider's Club of America

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by JohnnyM, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Some here may have received invitations to join the Motorcycle Riders Club of America. I have, and decided to join as a charter $24 that more than pays for the "free" Rider magazine subscription that is they offer free product testing, gas rebates, and other perks. So far, I have received the mags on time and $10 in gas rebates from count me happy!

    Recently I received a mailing to join their "exclusive lifetime member" program with the lure of a leather jacket and several other "exclusive" things for 12 payments amounting to just over $300. Perhaps some of the members of the forum have received this same mailing? Well, I decided to research this a bit and came across this site:

    After reading all the members comments I have come to the following conclusion and posted this reply to their forum:

    Well, I'm glad I read this before I took them up on their "exclusive" offer. Seems like buying a bill of goods with some trinkets collectively worth about $5 attached to it. The jacket may be worth it, but I would rather pay $300 to a local shop for a jacket with armor that I can try on first.

    By the way- did anyone else notice the blonde female model used in the jacket photo shoot? She's on page three of the description of benefits booklet that came with the lifetime offer posing with the guy wearing the jacket. I only mention it because she is the same lady that does all of's modeling.

    Gotta wonder what that connection is? Dennis Kirk and the MRC are located within about 20 miles of each other! I wonder if this is just another revenue stream for Dennis Kirk? I don't know why they would have to subsidize their already over-inflated prices, but oh well...

    Hmm...Lets look at the facts. The club so far has:

    1) Sent us free cheap trinkets collectively worth about $10 max.

    2) Sent us book(s) without being requested on a "trial" basis ("Time-Life series" style marketing) with vaguely worded implications of being removed from product testing if you choose not to buy them.

    3) Sent several charter members obviously non-exclusive "exclusive lifetime member" offers.

    4) Has questionable standard benefits for members, for example- some have received the gas rebate coupons while some have not, some (supposedly) get jackets embroidered with their name while others aren't aware of that possibility, some have received their promotional rainsuits while others have not.

    5) Sent cheap "review" items with several of the same sent to different members (for example: a WD-40 spray tube holder or cheap digital tire pressure guage) and seem to have no real desire to collect their reviews nor to make it easy to submit said reviews.

    Honestly, this whole thing smacks of a Publisher's Clearinghouse "business model" of nickel and dime-ing "members" with the lure of a chance to get the "big prize". I would never recommend this to my friends. Too scam like for me...I'm out...

    Call it a warning for anyone in the MRC or who is thinking of joining...of course, just like the real-world- YMMV!
  2. Okay, so today some guy named "David" lights me up about my MRC review and begins to tell me the "benefits" of his spending $300+ on this "exclusive lifetime membership"! His reasoning:

    So my question is: Am I an a**hole for sending this in reply?:


    David, you are entitled to your own opinion of course. I have to heartily disagree, and here is why:

    First and foremost- as a rider of many years, I don't see any value in this so called "Life Membership". Why do I say "so called"? Read the fine print! It clearly states that they consider a "Life Membership" to last no longer than 18 years!

    So, again- speaking as a non-member who has no need for a delusional justification of spending $300+ for what amounts to trinkets and beads and who seriously considered joining, I'm taking an impartial look at the benefits as listed in the "Credentials Portfolio" above of being an "18 Year Maximum Member":

    1. Don't pay your dues for 18 years, but after that your "Lifetime Membership" is up and you have to start paying again.

    2. Enjoy the club magazine for 18 years...the true length of your "Lifetime Membership".

    3. Add cheapo trinkets to your jacket like embroidered patches, basically paying for the "privilege" of giving the club free advertising!

    4. Advertise for the club for free by wearing propaganda on your head in the form of a hat. Boy, being in the "inner circle" of the club is really paying off...for the club anyway!

    5. Do the same with your licence plate frame.

    6. Put your photo in a frame that IDs you as a "Lifetime Member" when you know it's only for 18 years max! Hopefully the narcissism of doing that makes you feel better somehow.

    7. Have a Publisher's Clearinghouse chance at winning the gear and trips! Do you honestly believe you have a chance in heck at winning? Tell me, who won last year? Hmm? Nobody, I bet! You don't see anything on the website listing names...and you would think they would at least have some testimonials if someone won a freakin' motorcycle holiday!

    8. Ooooh! A certificate with your name on it! Wow...

    9. Savor your right to road test free products? WTF is this? I mean...describing the "testing" of a cheap tire gauge by using the wordSavor? Really? Sounds like a complete embellishment to me!

    10. Access the club's website...just like we are all doing right now without paying $300+ for the privilege. Duh. How is that in any way worth the $300+? "Yeah, pay us and get to do what others do for free...but we'll call it a benefit!" Um...thanks, but no.

    11,. Proudly display your "18 Year Member" decals, once again paying for the "privilege" of giving the club free advertising!

    12. Same with the bandanna. Feeling used yet? You should be!

    13. Carry your "18 Year Member" ID with...pride? Pride? Really? You mean, like it was a military ID or something? THAT you can carry with pride...but a MRC "18 Year Member" ID? I don't think so...
    Tell me something- what can this member ID be used for? Discounts? Freebies? A "get out of jail free" card in case aliens attack? I keep reading about how cool this ID is, but no-one seems to know why! Can someone who is a member tell me? Or is it just another way of...yes, you guessed it...paying for the "privilege" of giving the club free advertising?

    14. do you use a "special 18 Year Member key fob" any differently than you would a typical key fob? Wait...I know! All together now- say it with me: As another way of paying for the "privilege" of giving the club free advertising! I'm hoping you are beginning to see a theme here...

    15. Ah, yes...the "special members only offers"...just like the "exclusive" one we all got to join the $300+ inner circle "special 18 Year Member" club, right? Gee...maybe it's an offer to spend hundreds more becoming one of the "even more exclusive super-secret double-probationary inner-inner circle of founding lifetime members"? I bet they will entice you with more of the cheap trinkets they sent already. Maybe even a chance to get in on an exclusive club only motorcycle getaway? Of course, that will also cost you another few hundred dollars to cover the reservations, planning, and "fees"...but aside from that it won't cost you a dime! Yeah, that's a bargain...

    I'm can do what you want...but all I see are promises of big things to come with nothing to back it up other than a few trinkets that cost the MRC nothing compared to what they are raking in dollar wise from their members. Do you have any idea how cheap it is to buy those leather coats in bulk? You can get that same coat customized with your company logo for $89 wholesale in lots of 100! Keep that in mind as you're writing your next check...and I assure you...they will be back to ask for more, lifetime membership or not!

    Dave, I honestly wish you the best of luck with this. But for one, I think you are getting worked over.


    So? Am I a good guy looking out for the uninformed? Or am I an ass? Or both...I could live with both! :evil4:

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