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Richland rider down

Discussion in 'Central' started by BombR76, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Maybe not be a rider with PNW Riders/Central
    but a local rider who survived an accident.

    Quick recovery to the rider

    Richland man injured in motorcycle crash

    Published: August 13, 2012; By the Tri-City Herald

    A 48-year-old Richland man was injured after he failed to negotiate the curve on the Interstate 182 ramp from Fourth Avenue in Pasco.
    The cause was inattention, the state patrol said. Shumate was charged in connection with having his wheels off the roadway.
  2. wheels of roadway the most bullshit ticket ever invented

  3. Noticed the "Shumate" last name. Anyone know if he has anything to do with former Harley dealer owner? Just curious.
  4. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    To my knowlege, Michial does not have a relative in our area named "Richard"..

    The article said he was wearing a "non-DOT approved helmet".. one of those worthless beanies.

    But they look so cool! :tard:

    Regardless, I hope he lives to buy a real lid.
  5. Richard Shumate... oh my goodness...

    He is such a kindhearted person with a great sense of humor!
    He has suffered some broken bones, but he is in stable condition. He was out on a benefit ride and encountered gravel at the shoulder of the on-ramp (he went over a little too far on the road itself) and went down. Just to clarify things- there were no other factors involved.

    Prayers to you, Richard, for a speedy recovery!

    -The Einan family
  6. Thanks Nicole for the update.

    Always hard to hear of ANYONE
    losing control of a motorcycle,
    especially if the road conditions
    were a major factor.

    'Wheels off the road' is a LAME
    excuse, as well as 'too fast for
    conditions,' when it only takes
    sand, gravel, paint, or ice to
    make a bike loose traction !!! :rant

    Hope Mr. Shumate has a speedy
    recovery! Been there, done that.
  7. Don't mean to highjack the thread. I just don't get on here much as I live in Germany these days. I used to work for Mr. Shumate at the Walla Walla store. Anyone hear how the Shumate's are doing? And Oscar Sheets as well.

    Link to a few photos of Europe.
  8. Wow, a report about a motorcycle accident where they (the press/police) don't just say "speed was a factor"
  9. He was riding a Harley.
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  10. BIGDOG, I can tell you Oscar now works for SS Equipment, the New Holland dealer in Pasco. I work for the same company at the Walla Walla store and see Oscar once in a while. He's doing well.
  11. I hope that Mr. Shumate heals quickly. I wonder if would have gotten a ticket if he were a Kennewick policeman???
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