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Ride 10/7/12

Discussion in 'Hermiston' started by Loop, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Gonna head out with a couple other guys to finish up that ride where i went down in Antelope about a month and a half ago. Got the bike put back together and gonna see if its ready to lean again. Plan on leaving Hermiston after breakfast at Pheasant around 8 am.

    Run: Biggs, Fossil, Spray, etc....
  2. Anyone get frostbite??

  3. Two of us did Hell's Canyon from Salem the week before this ride and came dam close to getting frostbitten. We went across from Clackamas R. to 26 on Skyline (NFD42) and my thermometer said 34. It was 31 in Baker City as we left John Day. Dam cold at 65 mph.

    Maybe I'll see you Hermiston guys one of these days. I was born in Pendleton and love riding in Central/Eastern Or.

  4. We didn't get frost bite but we did have a good fun ride. Bing 44 I live here in Pendleton ride all year long next time u drop into town hit me up we'll ride with ya
  5. Will do.

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